World Field Target Championships 2023

1 September 2023  |  Air Arms

World Field Target Championships 2023


Welcome to the World Field Target Championships 2023, an event that captures the spirit of competitive sport. This championship, hosted by the South African Field Target Airgun Association, is a unique fusion of the precision and discipline demanded by field target shooting with the rugged beauty of South Africa's bushveld. 

Set against the backdrop of the Witwatersberg mountain range at the Kommandonek Resort, WFTC 2023 invites participants and spectators to an experience that marries sport, nature, and camaraderie. 

This event is the pinnacle of Field Target competition, with every shooter striving to attend and eventually be crowned Champion. Many of the Field Target stars of today and past have made their mark by being crowned World Champion. 

The Venue: A Glimpse into the Wild

The venue, the Kommandonek Resort, is a stunning canvas of South Africa's most exquisite natural elements. It is nestled in the heart of the bushveld, a region of undulating landscapes characterized by dense clusters of trees, shrubs, and grasses. 

It is the canvas on which the drama of African wildlife unfolds. The resort lies at the foot of the imposing Witwatersberg mountain range, its timeless majesty serving as an inspiring backdrop to the event. Moreover, it is situated on the banks of Hartbeespoort Dam, a shimmering body of water that adds a serene beauty to the rugged panorama. 

This vibrant mingling of mountain, bushveld, and water sets a unique stage for the World Field Target Championships, as competitors and spectators find themselves immersed in a setting where nature’s splendour intersects with the thrill of sport.

In addition to its versatility, this location boasts the prestigious title of being the Cradle of Humankind—a renowned World Heritage site—located just a short 30-minute drive from the resort. Within the Cradle, over 30 limestone caves house some of the earliest hominid fossils ever discovered. 

For further exploration, the Lion & Safari Park offers Self Drive Safaris, bush walks, and guided tours. And for breathtaking mountain vistas of the dam, don't miss the Hartbeespoort Aerial Cableway, complete with a charming restaurant perched atop the cableway.

It's not often that the championships are hosted on such an epic landscape.

The Competition

The WFTC 2023 kicked off with equipment checks on the 22nd of August, followed by an opportunity for sight-in and a welcoming dinner on the 23rd.

 The main competition spanned three days, from the 24th to the 26th, with each day dedicated to a 50-shot course. These meticulously designed courses challenged the shooter's skill to the max. Offering the competitors a chance to showcase their shooting skills, while still battling with the weather during the day, where temperatures reached 28 degrees.

The competitors engaged in a gruelling three-day shooting battle, each vying for the coveted title of champion. The competition concludes with an awards ceremony on the 27th, celebrating the finesse and skills displayed throughout the championship.

The Results

After three intense days of competition, the results are in and the winner is crowned. 

Overall PCP Individual

  1. Gerhard Genade - South Africa
  2. Jack Harris - Wales
  3. Jacques Fouché - South Africa

Overall Springer Individual

  1. Cameron Kerndt - United States
  2. Virgilio Gonzales - United States
  3. Ken Hughes - United States

PCP Team

  1. South Africa
  2. Wales
  3. United States

We have a new champion, Gerhard Genade was able to clinch the World Championship 2023, A South African native managed to traverse the conditions and hold off from a former world champion in Jack Harris. We want to congratulate both Gerhard and Jack for their fantastic achievements, they are Air Arms Shooters and we recognise their immense skills. 

                                  (Jack Harris left, Gerhard Genade right)

South Africa also took the PCP Team title, after a tough battle with Wales. The Welsh finished second in the team competition with the United States finishing on the podium.

To view the full results click here


In conclusion, the World Field Target Championships 2023 was a spectacular showcase of skill, precision, and sportsmanship. We extend our deepest gratitude to the South African Field Target Airgun Association for their exceptional organisation of the event, which ensured smooth and efficient proceedings. 

A special acknowledgement goes to the Kommandonek Resort for providing the stunning venue and setting the stage for an unforgettable championship. Its blend of natural beauty and facilities was unparalleled. Finally, our heartfelt thanks to all competitors who participated in the Championships. Their unwavering commitment and breathtaking performances made this event a huge success. 

The memories of this Championship will continue to inspire, long after the echoes of the final shots have faded. Your dedication to this sport is truly commendable. Here's to many more successful competitions in the future.

World Field Target Championship 2024

And Finally, as we say goodbye to the 2023 championships it's time to look ahead to 2024, which promises to be an even bigger and better event. 

The World Field Target Championships 2024 are being held in the USA, more specifically Mesa, Arizona, a suburb of the Phoenix area, the third largest city in the state

The course is nestled in the breathtaking Sonoran Desert, just beyond the city limits, within the confines of a protected state park. Situated on the sprawling grounds of the Arizona Department of Game and Fish-owned shooting area, expertly managed by the Rio Salado Sportsman's Club, this oasis showcases a vibrant desert landscape adorned with an array of rare flora and distinctive cacti found nowhere else on Earth.

The event promises to be an absolute thriller and we can't wait

To learn more about the WFTC 2024 click here.