UKAHFT Round 2 – Cambridge

3 June 2019  |  Air Arms

After the success of round 1, it was time to travel to Cambridge. Now, if you have ever fancied a go at HFT, this great little club is one of the best places that you can choose to visit. Located just outside of the village of Shepreth, Cambridge is a family friendly club that has a very loyal following and is one of the nicest and most friendly places to shoot in the country.

Normally, it is set across two adjoining woods, but for round 2, Matt Mosley and his team had set a course that was just a little bit different. The first 20 targets were in the bottom wood and using a criss-crossing pattern (where you shot one side of the wood then crossed the path to shoot the other) this was a great idea because you never knew where the wind was coming from. Then, once you completed the woodland, you picked up your gun and headed into the light. You had just a short walk through the fields of rape seed, down to the river and a section of open field that destroyed even the best of shooters.

Within this section was the free stander, Free kneeler and a 25mm target at 40 yards that was just poking it head above the rape seed to name but a few. Personally, I am still having nightmares about this section.

The team at Cambridge always likes to put on a course that gives something for everyone and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Two targets that I remember were up in a tree at between 40 and 45 yards. I shot the first target, giving it just outside right edge of the kill, there was a slight breeze right to left. I fired and the pellet flew like a laser and hit just outside right edge taking no wind at all. We then crossed the path and shot another couple of targets and then returned.

The scores that came in were quite high for a national and this was down to the lack of wind. Apart from the odd gust, the day was still and with the top shooters in the country descending on this wonderful club, I always knew there would be a clearance and in fact, there was three. Tony Male, Eliot Compton and Joff Haigh all had the perfect 60 and this is the pinnacle of achievement in HFT.

There were some great results for Air Arms and Veteran shooter Mike Burgess took the win with a 55 with his FTP, Jason Locket won the .22 with his S400 with a 55 also Jay Mode-Keefe took 2nd place in the Junior class in his first national with his S400. But for me, the most impressive score of the day was Rex Bennett who took 2nd place in the recoiling with a stunning 56. Rex had a shoot off with Steve Whiting and Steve just managed to grab the win, but well done Rex all the hard work is paying off.

Rounds 3 & 4 will be at Rivington in a few weeks, hope to see you there.