Take the survey for our new gun bags!

6 Comments25 November 2022  |  Air Arms

Take the survey for our new gun bags!

What do you look for in a gun bag?

We are calling on the Air Army to help in our endeavor to bring you the best air rifle accessories we can. We constantly look to our community for their help and guidance when designing new products. You are the people who use them day in and day out, so you know what can be done to make them even better.

Please help us and take our 2-minute survey, so we can create the best gun bag to date. This is your opportunity to have your say on our new style. Anyone who completes a survey will be entered into a prize draw to win an Air Arms Goodie Bag!

We know that the best people to ask are the Air Arms community, so thank you for your continued support.
Take the survey here >> https://tinyurl.com/ymb4545r


Simon Rodda
10 December 2022  |  0:36

Big enough- as in deep!! So often the cheaper bags don't really cater for guns with larger scopes

They also need to be strong! I do rate the Jack Pyke bag for this

Mike Lomax
20 January 2023  |  12:38

to cover and protect my guns

Dean Lewis
07 February 2023  |  14:23

Offer a personalised name for the bag.. put double straps on the bulpup and reduce the price on it as well.. same weight as the rifle bag no more materials

Colin Sharp
11 February 2023  |  19:19

After 35 years of shooting and various knocks and bumps to My rifles I now extensively use good quality hard cases, foam lined and secure they are super durable. The zips on soft cases scare Me lol.

Clive Hill
03 March 2023  |  16:29

Deep enough to take a gun with a scope. Hook at barrel end of bag to hang when empty. Choice of either black or green. Extra thick padding

Derek Hackley
04 March 2023  |  16:30

Agree with other comment. Rifle slips a bit scary if you are a bit precious about your gun. What would be great is a slip/hardcase hybrid if that's possible! I use an aluminium hardcase for my target rifle and it's a horrible thing to cart about.