Squirrel and Rabbit Shooting with the Air Arms Galahad

28 September 2018  |  Air Arms

Air Arms ambassador, Eddie Jones is back out in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside, squirrel and rabbit shooting with the Air Arms Galahad.

As the heavy rain that has recently hit the UK, Eddies plan for today has had to change slightly. Originally Eddie intended to head out early in the morning when squirrels are more active and then move onto the rabbits later in the day. However, due to the weather conditions earlier on he will know head out into the woodland and see what pest he comes across.

Today’s Air Arms adventure will be tricky as trying to reach a suitable distance from the animals will be a challenge due to making a lot of noise moving through the brambles and brackens. However, this isn’t going to stop Eddie from his airgun hunting outing.

Eddie is equipped with the Air Arms Galahad FAC in .22. This is the ideal air rifle for hunting in these conditions. If Eddie needs to take a shot from a slighter further range; the Galahad is more than capable of hitting the target.

Early on Eddie is able to stop three squirrels and a rabbit. Unfortunately, the foliage on the ground is preventing Eddie getting close enough for a safe, clean shot. Eddie makes the decision to move onto another section of the wood where he knows that there will be a lot more chance of success.

Now in another area, Eddie spots signs of squirrel activity, it’s just a case of finding them. Sure enough, Eddie spots a squirrel in the trees. He aims the Galahad and carefully squeezes the trigger. The hit is perfect and the pest is quickly dispatched.

Eddie sees a rabbit further up the field working its way up the undergrowth. He sets up the Galahad on a branch and waits patiently. However, the camera lady accidently stepped on a twig, which alerted the rabbit and popped its head up. This allowed Eddie the perfectly opportunity to take the shot.

It has been another incredible Air Arms Adventure for Eddie, he has successful removed a squirrel and rabbit.