Introducing the Next Generation of Air Rifle Shooters with Paul Relf

30 August 2018  |  Air Arms

Today on Air Arms TV, we join Paul Relf, as he discusses introducing the next generation of air rifle shooters.

Introduced to shooting at a young age, Paul is eager to pass on his knowledge and experience to his two young sons. Not only is teaching children about air rifle shooting important such as health and safety, it is also a great way to make new memories.

Air Arms have a number of air rifles that are suitable for a range of shooting disciplines. The S200 is ideal for younger or smaller set shooter. The HFT 500 is the perfect air rifle for competition shooting.

The Galahad and Ultimate Sporter are suitable for ones who go out pest control shooting. Shooting in Hunter Field Target competitions has helped Paul with his confidence and allowed him to make new, like-minded friends. This is a trait he would like to pass onto his sons, so that one-day they can experience something similar.

Paul offers some great advice if your child is a keen shooter straight from the beginning or if they are a little hesitate about pulling the trigger for the first time. Introducing the next generation into shooting is vital, without them carrying on this sports into the coming years, there might not be a future.

Next time on Air Arms TV, we re-join ambassador, Richard Leonard on another epic airgunning adventure in South Africa.