Introducing the NEW Air Arms X200 range

10 Comments23 February 2024  |  Air Arms

Introducing the NEW Air Arms X200 range

Introducing the X200

At Air Arms, we're raising the bar in air rifle technology by introducing the new X200 model, a masterpiece of precision engineering and adaptability. The X200 Air Rifle prioritises shooter comfort and customisation and is here to take your air rifle shooting to the next level. Let's take a look at what the X200 is and why it would make an excellent choice for your next air rifle.

So, what is the X200?

The X200 air rifle boasts impressive specifications, including a weight of 3.5kg, an overall length of 943 mm, a barrel length of 500mm, and a barrel diameter of 14mm. It is available in both .177 and .22 calibres and offers unparalleled energy options, catering to the needs of shooters across different power levels.

The X200 features an adjustable butt pad and cheek piece with two profiles—target (more angular) and sporter (softer, more rounded)—ensuring a personalised fit for every shooter. 

This remarkable rifle has three distinctive model options, each tailored to specific shooting disciplines. Let's look at the three types below to get a better idea of their specifications.

X200 Virtue 

The X200 Virtue, tailored for precision target shooting, is a .177 calibre rifle that delivers 6 ft-lb of power. It offers a single-shot pellet tray, magazine conversion options, and a removable cylinder with a gauge and dovetails on the muzzle end. Equipped with a removable cylinder, it ensures a consistent and ample air supply, promising a hassle-free shooting experience.


X200 Vanguard  

Offering a choice between two versions of .177 calibre and .22 calibre, the X200 Vanguard presents shooters with the option of a streamlined cylinder design or a practical buddy bottle alternative, catering to those in search of extended shooting sessions without the requirement for frequent refills.


X200 Valour 

The X200 Valour is the top choice for those seeking an air rifle with added power! With the X200 Valour, you can .177 or .22 FAC to meet your power requirements, whether for hunting or leisure plinking in the garden.


Both the Vanguard and Valour (Cylinder version and Buddy Bottle version) are available in both .177 and .22 calibres and integrate the gauge into the body for enhanced convenience, making them an excellent choice for shooters who want to get the most out of their rifle. 

Why the X200 is a great choice

This rifle's versatility extends to the interchangeability of the cocking lever between left-hand and right-hand sides, allowing for seamless adaptation to individual shooting styles. Swapping the single-shot pellet tray for a magazine enhances the rifle's flexibility. At the same time, the dual-sided safety feature and standard Air Arms size 11mm scope rail underscore its commitment to user-friendly design.

To sum up

So, there you have it. The X200 series is a testament to precision, power, and versatility in air rifles. From Virtue's focus on target shooting with its consistent air supply to the Vanguard's options for extended shooting sessions and the Valour's emphasis on added power for various activities, these rifles cater to diverse shooting needs. 

Whether for competitive target shooting, extended outdoor sessions, or the pursuit of greater power, the X200 series offers a comprehensive selection to meet the demands of air rifle enthusiasts.


Paul Evans
23 February 2024  |  10:04

Looks very good I can't wait to try them what is the prices going to be in sub 12

Mr Andrew Wells TD
23 February 2024  |  14:14

Looks awesome 👌

Tristram Williams
23 February 2024  |  21:21

I don't see any mention of a regulator.

Tristram Williams
23 February 2024  |  21:26

I don't see any mention of a regulator, or details of the trigger.
Presumably there is a regulator, and hopefully it is adjustable.
Hopefully, the trigger is a quality items and will be fully adjustable.
There is also no mention of the price. . ?

Lloyd Howe
24 February 2024  |  18:15

How much are they???

Chris Jennings
25 February 2024  |  7:40

Do you have any plans for the X200 to be available in a full, Sub12 power? The rifle looks great and personally, I think your market appeal would broaden considerably with the extra capability.

Wayne Jones
25 February 2024  |  8:47

Can’t wait to get hold of them to see if one of the series will be suitable for me in as a competitor in HFT, Sticks Class.
Well done Air Arms.

Pedro M Rodriguez
27 February 2024  |  13:48

Great, but, with that skinny barrel it just does not look good. A good shroud with give it much better looks and also deaden the blast of compressed air coming out the barrel. Just saying.............

Peter Stone
02 March 2024  |  12:31

Look very interesting when are they coming onto the market?

Barry Langan
05 April 2024  |  13:30

Are these UK made albeit with some non UK parts.?

Look forward to more specific details and of course the all important price?