Introducing The Air Arms Springer Team 2020

13 March 2020  |  Air Arms

Gary Chillingworth Introduces the 2020 Air Arms Spriner Team. 

At the start of the 2019 Hunter Field Target season, Claire West, came to me and suggested that we put together a HFT Springer team for 2019. Now, lord only knows why she asked me to do this, but giving me the chance to be Hannibal, for my very own A Team, was an amazing opportunity and one I readily accepted.

So, who to pick? It is true that the world of HFT has seen a renascence of late in all things springer and there are many great shooters to choose from, but what I wanted was not just raw talent, I wanted a team that was something more A team that would become greater than the sum of its parts.

So, with this in mind, my first pick:

Rex Bennett

Rex is a larger than life individual, to see him or hear him (and you will hear him) you may think that he is a bit scary, but, deep down he is a puppy at heart. Rex has raised thousands of pounds for cancer charities over the years and is a well know and well loved character on the HFT circuit. He has a penchant for taking his gun apart at the drop of a hat and loves to tinker and every now and then (when he leaves his gun alone) he can put in some great scores.

Nigel Wood

My next choice was a simple one, Nigel Wood, Nigel is a clever, clever chap and what he does not know about sorting guns out is not worth knowing. Nige is a great shot and has won back to back Southern Hunter Springer titles and is always more than happy to pass on any tips or tricks that he has learnt along the way. When I started springing, Nige helped me a lot and guided me in my early days and is a truly lovely person.

Danny Roff

Next was Maldon’s very own Amish rocker Danny Roff, Danny is new to the art of springing, but has already had some great success. With wins at the RSN10 in 2018 and the Air Arms International, Danny is one of those shooters who loves the sport and loves the guns and again is always happy to help anyone who needs it and again, like the rest of the team will do anything for anyone.

Dan Gordon

Finally, we needed a fifth and the obvious choice was Dan Gordon. Dan again, is a fairly new lad to the world of spring guns, but he is coming on very well indeed. With some impressive scores under his belt and a scientific knowledge of how guns seem to work, Dan is probably the brains of the outfit and is going to hard to beat in the next few years.
Over the season the team certainly has become more than the sum of its parts. We have a WhatsApp group where we discuss lubrication and breach seals as well as the odd joke and bit of banter and I hope that Claire is happy at what we have become.

For 2019 we had some great results and the team has always been at the top of the leader board and I for one, am immensely proud of them all. So, If you need a Springer team and if you can find us, then maybe you could hire the AA Springer Team. (we’re very cheap).

Air Arms 2020 Springer Team

From left to right, Rex Bennet, Danny Roff, Gary Chillingworth (c), Nigel Wood and Dan Gordon.

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