Hunting Rabbits in New Zealand with Richard Leonard

1 Comment6 March 2020  |  Air Arms

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On this episode of Air Arms TV we join Air Arms ambassador Richard Leonard who has travelled from South Africa to New Zealand for some pest control and another epic Air Arms adventure! 

South African Air Arms ambassador Richard Leonard has travelled all the way to New Zealand to join lifelong Air Arms advocate Dave Simmons to help control the local rabbit population. The super keen duo head out to a parched-looking cow and sheep farm to tackle the pests. Stealthily stalking field edges and using long grass for cover, they successfully take out numerous rabbits with one fatal head shot – all impressively done free hand.

Although there are rabbits everywhere, the hunters still have to use their fieldcraft to get close enough for a shot. After checking the distance with rangefinder, Dave expertly takes out two rabbits at 70 and 125 yards.

In total, Richard and Dave manage to cull dozens of rabbits using the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter Xtra in .22 cal using the Air Arms Diablo 16grn pellets. The plump-looking rabbits are in great condition and will make great eating!

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In this episode Richard is using:

Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter Xtra in .22 cal using the Air Arms Diablo 16gr pellets

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Roderick McCafferty
25 August 2020  |  12:19

What great shooting! Rimfire performance without the overtravel of a hard bullet. Best shot I did with my Air Arms 510 XTR in FAC .22" calibre was 87 yards on a carrion crow. What a beautiful country to hunt rabbits. Nice and safe gun handling too, loading just before taking the shot. Well done guys!