Dipping the Air Arms Target Sprint TS400 with Funky Dipz

17 January 2019  |  Air Arms

We recently sat down with Tyler, who runs Funky Dipz for a chat about how he got into the business and why he dipped the TS400.

Why did you start the Funky Dipz business?

I was working a regular 9–5 job sat behind a computer and I was bored everyday! I’ve always had a passion for arts and being creative, I also love cars! So the job I was doing didn’t tick any of them boxes.

We soon opened a family run bodyshop repairing, restoring and customizing cars, which I love. Soon after I left my job to work there full time. But, this still wasn’t creative enough for me. So, one day I was researching products and ideas we could try in the bodyshop to add to the customizing side and I stumbled on a video on hydrographic, I knew I had try it.

After many hours of training and practicing, I soon had a list of customers wanting customized working and not just on cars! I rented a separate area of our bodyshop and opened Funky Dipz.

What do you enjoy most dipping products?

I love that each job is different. Every time I take on a new project I have a new set of challenges to overcome. But, when I see the final product and the joy in the customers face, it definitely makes it worth the work.

Why did you decide to dip an air rifle stock?

I love a challenge. I had never dipped anything like an air rifle stock before. As soon as I knew about the project I become very excited with lots of different design ideas.

What were the challenges when dipping the TS400 air rifle stock?

Every time I dip a product there are always challenges. The shape of the stock is unusual; there isn’t an angle on it where the design can’t be seen. I also had to use two separate dips whilst making sure there is no visible join and the pattern blends in.

What did you enjoy most about dipping the TS400 air rifle stock?

Seeing how awesome they look with a wicked print on! The TS400 really stands out with a cool design print that really displays the personality of the shooter.

Which stock design is your favourite?

That’s a tough question; I’d have to say the graffiti design! I have a couple of designs I really want to try out on a couple of the stocks, one being a ripped checker metal plate print which I think would look great!

What does the future hold for Funky Dipz?

Well, we are growing and getting busier every day with new contracts and customers. As more people are learning what hydrographic is and admiring the work that Funky Dipz is producing. I hope it will carry on and I will have some more awesome pieces to create!

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