Dave O'Hara Wins the NIFTA Winter League with Air Arms XTi

27 March 2024  |  Air Arms

Dave O'Hara Wins the NIFTA Winter League with Air Arms XTi

We’re over the moon to report on the exciting win that Dave O’Hara secured over the weekend in the NIFTA winter league using our Air Arms XTi. A huge congratulations from all of us here at Air Arms for this amazing achievement.

The NIFTA Winter League 2024 is a competitive shooting event organised by the Northern Ireland Field Target Association (NIFTA) and serves as a platform for skilled shooters and enthusiasts to showcase their shooting abilities in a challenging and competitive environment. 

With each round presenting new obstacles, many amazing participants in the league competed in a series of rounds this weekend - testing their accuracy, precision, and adaptability to varying conditions, such as high winds, snow, and rain.

Despite the challenging conditions over the weekend, Dave’s victory with the Air Arms XTi amidst the tumultuous winter conditions shows a clear testament to his exceptional talent and the remarkable performance of our top-notch rifle.

One again, we want to congratulate Dave O'Hara on this incredible triumph, showcasing the true essence of sportsmanship and shooting excellence in the face of Mother Nature's wildest challenges!