Best advice for Beginners in Field Target

3 Comments20 October 2021  |  Air Arms

When you are trying to get into Air Rifle shooting It can be so daunting. Where do I start? What equipment do I need? Can anyone help me?

Well, we’ve got you covered and who is better to give advice then the friendly Air Arms community. There is no one better to share their wealth of wisdom and experience from dedicated members of the community. We’ve collated some of the best advice and shared them below.

“I’m new to it and have joined a club and I’m listening and learning. I’m also doing lots of research about everything I can.” – Dave Burt
This is a fantastic piece of advice. Joining a local Field Target club can be a great way of learning from experienced shooters. Back that up with your own research and you will be onto a winner.


“Keep smiling and learn from your mistakes. Watch where the pellets land. Don’t get disheartened” – James Smith
The truth about trying something new, is you will make mistakes. James brings some great advice in to keep learning and don’t get disheartened. Learn from your mistakes and keep improving.


“Enter every competition you can.” – David Robinson
David brings up a great piece of advice. No matter how much you practice, it can be difficult to replicate the conditions of a competition. The environment and atmosphere will be different each time and the more experience you gain the better you will fair. This will also aid in shooting in variable conditions. The weather plays a massive role, practicing and shooting in difficult conditions will help you in your field target endeavor.


“Don’t worry about your scores, as long as you’re enjoying it your results will improve.” – Steve Merrett

We think this is one of the best pieces of advice. Make sure you’re enjoying it. Field Target and any other air rifle sport is meant to be enjoyed. We can agree with Steve if you’re having fun then your results will improve.


We hope that there is some great advice from members of the community and hopefully some things you may not have thought about.
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John Gavan
13 December 2021  |  20:36

A very informative article, thanks! I have been thinking of getting.a second hand Tz 200 hunter carbine. The only thing being that there wer no Air Arms logos on the hand grip or the rubber butt? I thought that maybe this was a beech stock originally and someone had changed it to a walnut? All the other markings are there, the fish scale finish etc. Was there a time the AA logos weren’t used? I’d appreciate any help on this before I make a purchase, Thankyou.

19 April 2022  |  11:58

Very god

Bill Evans
10 December 2022  |  14:07

Wasn't sure where to post this: I am a Senior and have it on my bucket list to compete in the NC State Senior Olympics. Having said that, I have NEVER owned an air rifle (although I am an active firearms nut) nor have a clue how to get started in the sport. Any guidance or redirect you can offer would be very helpful. Thanks.