Airgun Hunting: Yellow Billed Duck Shooting with the Air Arms Galahad

12 October 2018  |  Air Arms

Air Arms ambassador, Richard Leonard is on another epic airgunning adventure in South Africa, hunting yellow bill ducks with the Galahad.

Today, Richard returns to the stunning Eastern Cape of South Africa with his sights set on yellow bill ducks. This part of the country is perfect for these animals as there are small dams and lakes scattered throughout this vast area. These are delicious birds and he’s looking to take a few for the pot. He also comes across some interesting critters along the way.

It’s the end of the season and the ducks will be aware of their surrounding. Getting close will be a challenge, but Richard is ready for the job. He is using the perfect air rifle for the task ahead; the Air Arms Galahad is lightweight, manoeuvrable and has been specifically designed for this style of airgun hunting.

Early on into Richard’s Air Arms adventure he comes across three yellow-billed ducks in a small lake. Not to waste an opportunity, Richard gets the Galahad set and slowly squeezes the trigger. A successful shot and the first duck of the day has been quickly dispatched.

The farmer has told Richard that a particular dam usually has a strong yellow-billed duck presence. After reaching a concealed shooting position that offers a full view of the damn, Richard prepares the Galahad for another shot. He is able to harvest two more ducks from his location.

Richard heads out again to explore this break-taking location. He then spots a leopard shell tortoise. It’s wonderful to see the wildlife up close.

Filling his yellow-billed quota for the day, Richard notices a red velvet teal in a nearby lake. Deciding to take a chance, he gets closer to the edge of the water. Once again he sets the Galahad and the shot connects perfectly.

It has been another fantastic day in the wild. Not only has Richard removed several yellow-billed ducks; he also saw some incredible wildlife in their natural environment.

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