Airgun Hunting with the Air Arms S510 TDR

5 April 2019  |  Air Arms

Today on Air Arms TV, we join Air Arms ambassador, Richard Leonard Egyptian Geese shooting on the Eastern Coast of South Africa with the S510 TDR.

Richard heads out into the Fort Beauford area of the Eastern Cape of South Africa on the look out the Egyptian Geese. The geese are native to Africa south of the Sahara and Nile Valley. They can weigh up to 4 kilograms and can grow a wing span of 73 centimeters. These geese are now widely spread across the area and are becoming an issue to the locals.

A local farmer has reached out for help with his overpopulation of geese on the land. These geese can potentially spread deadly diseases to the cattle and ruin the farm land. These birds can be extremely challenging to hunt but Richard is hopeful for the day ahead.

Very soon after setting off, Richard comes across a whole flock of geese resting on the nearby lake. However, their eyesight is excellent and even in the deepest of cover, these geese can see the tiniest of movement. Richard must stay very still and utilize his hunting skills to remain hidden from these vigilant birds. To get a good shooting window, Richard needs to get as close as he can whilst remaining hidden. He approaches as carefully as possible, crouching behind the thistles and tree stumps that line the bank of the water. Taking aim resting on a nearby log, he takes the shot. Despite the windy conditions, the goose goes down cleanly. Richard uses his tried and trusted fishing rod method to pull the bird from the water without getting too wet and making too much noise. Another magnificent goose down and Richard heads out in search for more.

Soon after his first bird of the day, Richard comes across another flock.

The wind is picking up which will make taking the perfect shot very difficult. Richard will need to get at least 60 yards apart from the bird to make the shot happen. Creeping in as slowly as he can, he manages to make it within the required distance as the birds remain calm. With no rest available, he needs to take the shot off the shoulder which gives him less of a success rate due to the tricky wind conditions. But with the great cover the reeds had to offer, Richard manages a perfectly placed head shot and the bird goes straight down.

Now time to reload and take a brief respite in the shade. Richard has really taken to his new s510 TDR. Its successes come down to its brilliant features. It’s easy to load side leaver, extra magazine storage and adjustable cheek plate are some of Richards favourite parts but the best thing for him is how simple it is to take down and transport to his next hunting destination.

Now loaded up, Richard is ready for his next goose.

He heads back to the dam to see if any more geese are out on the water. The area is dense with thorns, thistles and cacti and Richard prepares himself with his long hunting gear to prevent injury and remain quiet.

Heading over the bank and closer to the dam, Richard gets into position moving low and slow. Another flock can be seen on the other side of the dam and Richard needs to get low to avoid being seen. Using his bag for stability, he sets up the shot. With 80 yards between them, Richard confidently takes a shot at the goose on the opposite bank and takes it down instantly. With limited time to range and so many birds, Richard is pleased that the shot was successful.

The Fort Beauford Area is teeming with these magnificent birds. Each lake has at least 2 or 3 birds at any given time which is why Richard believes the farmer asked him to help with the pests. After taking three, Richard reflects on the success of the day and how easy it was to execute with his new Air Arms s510 TDR and how lucky he is to be able to hunt in this amazing landscape. Too find out more about Richard Leonard, visit his website –