Airgun Hunting with Eddie Jones and the Air Arms Ultimate Sporter

1 Comment22 April 2021  |  Air Arms

In this episode of Air Arms TV, Air Arms Ambassador, Eddie Jones in hunting squirrels in the sunny Welsh countryside.

Eddie Jones takes the Air Arms Ultimate Sporter in .177, Eddie's favourite side lever action airgun. Eddie is joined by his lifelong friend Alan Jones. Alan has been doing pest control in Wales for 20 years now and specialises in mole, squirrel and rabbit hunting.

Watch Eddie Jones' Airgun Hunting Adventure over on Air Arms TV:

Eddie and Alan had only been out five minutes and they've seen three squirrels. Two of them disappeared straight across the wood, which didn't give them a chance to aim for. The other squirrel has gone right to the top of the biggest conifer in the woods. They know he's there, they can see him with the thermal. Unfortunately, they just can't get through to get a shot at him. Both Eddie and Alan are confident they're going to be able to shoot squirrels today.

In this area, the farmer has put a lot of oak trees and the squirrels are doing a lot of bark stripping in throughout the woods and the farmer is looking to reduce the impact the squirrels have on the oaks and reduce the population. While squirrel shooting alone you often find the squirrel goes to the back of the tree and you end up running around and round for half an hour trying to get him. Nothing worse! Yet, when there's two of you it's a lot easier because I can make a noise around one side of the tree and the squirrel goes around to the other side where Alan can take the shot. It's not the matter of who shoots, we want to make sure the squirrels are controlled.

Watch the full video to find out how Eddie Jones gets on during his UK squirrel hunting adventure with the Air Arms Ultimate Sporter.

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Todd Knickman
17 February 2023  |  22:38

Do you make a silencer for the gun. Strong enough to kill a deer