Airgun hunting in South Africa with the Air Arms S510

1 Comment21 November 2019  |  Air Arms

In this episode, Air Arms ambassador Richard Leonard is in the Winterberg area on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. In this episode Richard takes our his Air Arms s510 to help out an arable farmer with a geese problem. 

The spur-winged goose is the largest goose in the world, weighing up to 8kg with a wing span of up to two metres. They can be very aggressive, using the spur on their wings to attack other birds, and they are poisonous to humans. Egyptian geese are prolific all over South Africa, stretching right up to the north of the African continent, and these birds will make great table fare.

Richard sneaks up to the lake via the cover on top of the dam wall. The geese have incredible eye-sight so it is important to stay hidden. The tree line surrounding the lake makes ideal cover – Richard is dressed in leafy camo as it is so easy to get busted.

Using the latest S510 airgun from Air Arms, which is lightweight and pinpoint accurate making it perfect for Richard’s approach to pest control and really helps when putting in those hard miles.


Using a paddle boat, Richard retrieves all the birds to take home for eating. Retrieving them from a lake covered in dense duckweed is when all the hard work starts and is the real mission of the day.

In this episode Richard is using: Air Arms S510 air rifle 

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Danny Hutchinson
30 December 2019  |  21:47

I live in the UK and am planning to buy myself an air arms s510 in January and love watching your permission shooting with my mates. Would be nice to visit that part of the world someday.