Airgun Hunting: Guinea Fowl & Geese Shooting

22 August 2019  |  Air Arms

This time on Air Arms TV, Richard Leonard is out hunting on a new farm on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The goal for today is to work with the local farmer to help deal with a huge bird over population issue as well as getting some fresh, tasty meat the for pot.

When the Richard received a call from the farmer asking for his help, he jumped at the chance for an Air Arms Adventure on a new location. Richard is excited to be hunting this new area and is eager to get going. The farm has a vast amount of small lakes, Richard is hoping to find a lot of guinea-fowl and geese.

The helmeted Guinea-Fowl is a social bird that is often found in flocks of between 15-40 birds. They can fly, but prefer to walk. They are mainly found in grasslands, thorn veld and on agricultural land where there is an abundance of insects and seeds.

It’s going to be a perfect day for airgun shooting, the weather is perfect and Richard is confident it won’t be long until he spots his first quarry of the day. Sure enough there is a nearby field with inhabited with several guinea-fowl. Richard doesn’t waste any time and quickly gets into a safe shooting position. These are very wary birds and flee when there is any sense of danger, Richard needs to keep his head low and take his time. After taking a few deep breathes, he slowly squeezes the trigger. The shot hits perfectly and the bird is ethically dispatched.

After successfully harvesting the first bird, Richard is sure that it is going to be a good day. It’s still early and Richard doesn’t want to waste any time, he quickly moves onto the next section of the farm, which the farmer has guaranteed would deliver. After arriving at the next area, Richard soon spots an entire flock of Guinea-Fowl. Again, he quickly gets set up and readiness for another shot. The pellet hits perfectly and another bird is down.

The farm is truly incredible, there are so many different wildlife species around you just don’t what you might see next.

Continuing on, Richard locates another flock of guinea-fowl. However, the spot him approaching and make a break for it. Richard now must act quickly to be in with a safe shot. He takes cover behind a bush and prepares for the shot. Unfortunately, the pellet drops slightly to low and the birds take to the sky. Although slightly disappointed, Richard is confident he will get another chance at these birds.

Now he a new section of the farm, Richard continues his search. There are so many of these birds around, but in some places the bushes can be very thick making it tough for Richard to get around without being dedicated. However, even if can’t always seem them, you can often hear them. Now in a clear opening, Richard uses a fence and gets ready for another shot. This time the shot hits perfectly and another guinea-fowl is down.

As the sun begins to drop there is just enough time for one more chance. Richard, heads to a large lake that has some very large Egyptian geese. With time running out, Richard approaches the water quickly and quietly. Geese have extremely good eye-sight, Richard has to maintain full cover to be in with a chance of success. There’s a flock on the bank of the lake and Richard reaches a better shooting position. After another great shot, a goose is safely shot. With daylight fading, it’s to time head back home after another fantastic day airgun hunting with the Air Arms S510 TDR.