Airgun Hunting at Night with the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter XS

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Richard Leonard is out night hunting in the Bedford area of the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Not only is he setting his sights on some scrub hares, he will also be using the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter XS to remove several springhares that have been causing havoc in the fields.

Airgun hunting at night not only offers different challenges that Richard must overcome. However, being out in the pitch-black under the starlight is one his favourite hunting conditions.

The scrub hare is native to South Africa, they can grow up to four and a half kilograms and live up to five years in the wild. When in danger they run away in a zigzag fashion and can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometres per hour.

With the help of the NiteSite Infrared technology, it doesn’t Richard long to locate his scrub hare of the evening.

Once in a suitable shooting position, Richard squeezes the trigger of the S510 Ultimate Sporter XS and the animal is ethically dispatched.

As Richard continues to search the area for more scrub and springhare activity, he comes across a plethora of wildlife. That is why it is vital to conduct regular pest control outings on properties. Scrub and springhares can cause huge amounts of damage to areas like this.

Once again, Richard quickly comes across another scrub hare amongst the grass and shrubs.

He manages to get into a good shooting position and prepares for the shot. Unfortunately, the crosshairs is aimed slightly low and the shot hits the ground. The scrub doesn’t waste any time and runs for safety.

Richard now moves onto the next field where he’s hoping to spot more of these pesky hares. Richard comes across several huge holes that have been dug by scrub hares and springhares. This is exactly why the farmer wants Richard to take out a whole load of these pests tonight.

Springhares resemble a small kangaroo that can leap up to 2 metres. Richard is really hoping to see a few of these animals so that he can help the farmer by taking a few of them out.

Not to far away a springhare is grazing in the field. Richard doesn’t waste time and gets the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter XS set for another shot.

After a few deep breaths, Richard squeezes the trigger and the springhare drops on the spot. With time getting late, Richard has a chance at one more hare. It’s late season towards the end of September and it’s Richard’s last chance to get this tasty meat to make a great feast for his family. He spots another scrub hare and makes his way into position to take a clean, safe shot. Again the S510 Ultimate Sporter XS performs perfectly and Richard is able to harvest another scrub hare.

It’s been another outstanding airgunning adventure in the South African Bushveld. Not only has Richard successfully harvested several pests that have been causing havoc for the farmer, he’s also brought home some great meat for his family.

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