Air Arms TV - The Most Popular Airgun Videos

3 Comments23 September 2020  |  Air Arms

Since Air Arms TV’s first video debuted on the 7th July 2014, the Official Air Arms YouTube channel has since hosted some of the very best airgun videos available on YouTube.

Posting videos that optimise the very best of airgun shooting, Air Arms TV features a comprehensive library dedicated to Air Arms. From behind the scenes at our Air Arms factory tour to, airgun hunting throughout the world, hunter field target events and field target competitions, Airgun reviews and product launches to name but a few.

Over the past 6 years, Air Arms TV has accumulated over 3.5 million views, amounting to 241,000 hours of videos watched and has almost reached 20,000 YouTube Subscribers worldwide.

To celebrate the success of Air Arms TV as we approach its milestone of 20,000 Subscribers, here’s a rundown of some of your favourite videos so far…

1. Airgun Hunting: Guinea Fowl Shooting in South Africa

In at number one, Air Arms TV’s most popular video to date with over half a million views is Richard Leonard’s airgun hunting adventure for guinea fowl in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

2. Airgun Hunting: Bird Shooting in South Africa with the Air Arms Galahad:

Second on the most popular list features Richard Leonard, this time he’s joined with the Air Arms Galahad as he’s on the hunt for Egyptian Gees and successfully harvests several franklin and guinea fowl with the Air Arms Galahad in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

3. Airgun Hunting: Yellow-Billed Duck Shooting in South Africa with the Air Arms Galahad

Richard Leonard and the Air Arms Galahad hold out in 3rd position again as Richard takes on another epic Air Arms Adventure in South Africa, hunting yellow bill ducks.

4. Airgun Hunting: Pest Control Shooting with the Air Arms S200

Sneaking into 4th place on our most popular Air Arms TV list is Andy Watkins and the Air Arms S200. With almost 200,000 views, Andy’s skill, knowledge and confidence when out on a local farm has left a positive impression with the Air Arms audience.

5. Airgun Hunting with the Air Arms S510 TDR

The most recently published video to feature on the Air Arms TV Top 10 list is Richard Leonard airgun hunting adventure for Egyptian Geese on the Eastern Coast of South Africa with the Air Arms S510 TDR.

6. Airgun Hunting: S510 Ultimate Sporter

The first-ever video published on Air Arms TV currently holds 6th position with just under 100,000 views. In this episode, the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter is tested against some farmyard critters.

7. Airgun Hunting Dassies in South Africa with the Air Arms S410 TDR

Richard Leonard’s debut performance on Air Arms TV holds 7th position. Armed with the lightweight and manoeuvrable Air Arms S410 TDR, Richard heads out in the South African bush help to reduce the numbers of dassie’s in the area.

8.Airgun Hunting - Rodent Pest Control!

Showing the Air Arms S510 Carbine’s capabilities, the episode highlights the various challenges of shooting at night.

9.Rock Pigeon Shooting with the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter XS

Richard Leonard rock pigeon shooting on the Eastern Coast of South Africa with the S510 Ultimate Sporter XS has accumulated nearly 80,000 views since its publish date in March of 2019. This episode encapsulates the excitement and anticipation that comes with airgun hunting.

10.Gun & Shooting Review - The Air Arms S510 Carbine

The final video on this list features the Air Arms S510 Carbine as it is put under the spotlight as it is taken to the shooting range and put to the test.

Air Arms would like to thank everyone who has subscribed to Air Arms TV, with more exciting and informative episodes planned in the future be sure to subscribe to the channel and follow Air Arms on social media for the latest updates.

Harry Hall
11 October 2020  |  11:35

If the S410 is so good why only showing S510, I have an S410 and finding irt difficult to find the same type of videos shown for the S510 for the S410

Michael Robson
10 February 2021  |  16:39

can fit a moderator to a tx200 long barrel

06 September 2021  |  16:03

Too many South African videos. As you know full well in the UK we need a FAC to purchase and use those here. All you are doing is making 90% of your audience envious. More UK pest control videos please