Air Arms takes top honours at the Mamba Target Open 2023

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Air Arms takes top honours at the Mamba Target Open 2023

Air Arms takes top honours at the Mamba Target Open 2023

Introducing the Mamba Target Open 2023

Air Arms sent a group of talented shooters, Jack Harris, Doz Falconer, and Simon Evans, to Belgium on May 17-21 to compete in the Mamba Target Open 2023. Equipped with Air Arms XTi-50, they were ready to take on the competition! With impressive trophies under their belts (including world champion titles for Jack Harris), these world-renowned shooters were determined to bring home the crown. Along for the journey was Claire West, the managing director of Air Arms cheering on and supporting the shooters during the weekend, while also capturing the special moments ready to share with you!

This is the first year that the Mamba Target Open has been held, over 90 shooters from all over Europe travelled to the beautiful location of Grupont, Belgium to be a part of the special event. The competition was held over two days, shooting the two different courses, which posed unique challenges. The course was a combination of woodland and more open spaces, which allowed the wind to play an impactful part in the weekend and challenge our shooters to the max.

The weekend began with an extremely early start for the Welsh boys as they began the road trip over the channel, picking up Claire West on the way.

The First Day of the Competition

The first day was upon us and the team headed out to challenge for the trophies, the competition wouldn't be won today, but could be lost with a poor performance. Getting off to a good start is critical in competitions like these. You can watch the action unfold and what Claire West thought going into the event:

So, Claire has been chatting with Frank, the event organiser who, along with his team, made a big effort to host a terrific competition in a breathtaking location. After a hard-fought day with many challenges including the weather the results are as follows:

Doz Falconer - 45ex50

Jack Harris - 45ex50

Simon Evans - 44ex50

It is so tight at the end of day 1, all of our shooters are with 1 shot of each other and are all still in the running for day 2.

The Final Day and Results

Heading into the final day of competition, each podium place is up for grabs and it will need a day of quality shooting to bring home the title. Hear the thoughts of Claire West as we head into the second and final day:

The Results are in... and they are nothing short of extraordinary!

Let's give a resounding applause and a standing ovation to our remarkable team, who have dominated the competition at the Mamba Target International!

Jack - 3rd Place1

Simon - 2nd Place!

Doz - 1st Place!

What an incredible achievement to see our team members occupy all of the podium places! The dedication, skill, and unwavering commitment they have displayed throughout this journey have truly paid off in the most glorious way possible. Each shot extraordinarily throughout the weekend and complements the XTi-50 for allowing them to solely focus on shooting with a rifle that will deliver what they ask of it. You can watch the winner's presentation here:

Our Gratitude to the Organizers of the Event

We want to give a huge shoutout to Frank and his incredible crew for an awesome and well-run shooting weekend! The location was stunning and made the competition feel extra special. Bringing 90 shooters from all over Europe is no small task, and we really appreciate their hard work and commitment. The event was simply fantastic!

Mamba Target Open 2024

Shortly after the event concluded a special announcement was made that the Mamba Target Open will be returning in 2024. After a super successful event, Frank will be running the same competition next year, extending it to a three-day event will just bring more excitement and action. We can't wait to be heading to Belgium next year and we know Doz, Jack and Simon will be looking to defend their titles.

We want to take a moment to thank Jack, Simon and Doz for their support in using our rifles in competition, it means the world to Claire and the entire Air Arms team that you trust us to deliver when it matters the most.

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Gerry Baillon
06 June 2023  |  18:11

I was so happy to see the results of this competition !
I've known Doz and Simon since 2007, and Jack since he was a school boy at his first ever shoot !!!
I really enjoyed the video clips thank you Claire !