Air Arms Shooter Justin Wood Wins The Central Southern Field Target Association 2019-2020 Winter League.

31 March 2020  |  Air Arms

Air Arms shooter Justin Wood wins the shortened Central Southern Field Target Association 2019-2020 Winter League.

Air Arms shooter Justin Wood was crowned overall winner of the shortened Central Southern Field Target Association (CSFTA) 2019-2020 Winter League.

Justin shot an impressive 100% in three of the five rounds scoring a total of 184 to also claim the prestigious Gary Wells trophy which is presented to the shooter who hits the most targets over the course of the season. Justin commented: ‘I really enjoy the highly competitive edge of the main BFTA FT season. When we get to September and the BFTA Euro’s competition is upon us, knowing this is the last big event of the year I look forward to catching up with shooters at a Regional level during the Winter league events.

This year there were seven CSFTA FT W/L rounds planned, but unfortunately the last two shoots were cancelled. This was initially due to the excessive rain-fall, but then with Coronavirus starting to take hold in the UK and it was safer to finish the season after the five rounds.

Highlights of Justin's season:

Clearing the course 40/40 at Round 1 held on the IoW. There was a tricky wind at this shoot with very strong gusts at times. Obviously the main highlight was leading the competition after Round 1 and winning the series to become CSFTA FT W/L Champion again.

The competition

In the CSFTA winter league each course is set over x40 targets rather than x50 as in the main BFTA GP season. This helps to even the field a little between all the grades during W/L, but if you want to do well you cannot afford to make silly mistakes and miss too many targets.

Competitive edge 

What made this W/L a little more interesting for me was that a good Field Target friend (Simon Evans) was driving all the way from Wales for each round to compete in the CSFTA winter league. He is a good shot and always seems to put in a respectable score, but I guess I was just lucky! 

Congratulations to Justin and all the competitors throughout the 2019-2020 CSFTA FT W/L