Air Arms Pest Control Hunting in Canada

1 Comment19 December 2019  |  Air Arms

Air Arms ambassador Richard Leonard is back, and today we see him hunting wild game in Canada.

This time on Air Arms TV South African-based Air Arms ambassador Richard Leonard is out hunting wild game in wintry Alberta, Canada, with experienced guide Emerson Rose. The pair head out for some sub-zero rough shooting on farmland and woodland in rural Athabasca, a small town in the north. 

Armed with an Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter XS in .25 calibre, Richard harvests numerous different quarry species including his first ever snowshoe rabbit as it breaks cover from a dense block of spruce. 

A local farmer's land is infested with pigeons that are stealing grain from the silos so calls on the services of the duo. Will they be able to reduce numbers of these wily pests? The same farmer has also asked them to cull a crow to use as a deterrent to scare off other crows and ravens from breaking into grain socks. They are extremely intelligent birds so just getting close enough is tricky. Will Richard catch up with any corvids? 

After helping out the farmer, Richard and Emerson are back to patrolling local woodland. As it is only legal for Alberta residents to hunt game birds with a single projectile rifle, Emerson jumps at the opportunity to have a go with the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter XS to harvest a ruffed grouse. With one shot, he cleanly takes the cock bird and then demonstrates his neat technique for breasting game birds without the faff of plucking!

The area is teaming with wildlife and hunting opportunities. The Canadian backcountry has plenty of sport on offer for Richard and his new Air Arms airgun. Richard is definitely taken with the area!

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Mike Jones
06 September 2020  |  22:04

Wow what a rifle?. I have an Air-arms S510 xtra in 25 cal, but unregulated. I herd somewhere that Air-arms were coming out with a regulator that can be fitted to my gun, is that true and how long before I can get one.
Cheer's and best regards Mike