Air Arms Announces Partnership with Precihole Sports

5 Comments23 February 2024  |  Air Arms

Air Arms Announces Partnership with Precihole Sports

Air Arms Announces Partnership with Precihole Sports 

Air Arms is happy to announce an upcoming official partnership with Precihole Sports. This groundbreaking collaboration is set to increase the availability of Precihole rifles in the UK and worldwide, marking a significant milestone in the global airgun market.

With this partnership, Air Arms will play a pivotal role in expanding the availability of Precihole rifles, bringing their exceptional products to a broader international audience. This partnership aims to leverage our extensive reach and expertise here at Air Arms to facilitate the seamless integration of Precihole rifles into the global market - providing enthusiasts and professionals access to top-tier air rifle technology.


About Air Arms

Air Arms has been at the forefront of producing world-class air rifles and accessories for decades, earning a reputation for excellence, precision, and innovation. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of airgun technology has solidified its position as a leading force in the global airgun industry.

Notably, Air Arms has garnered recognition through various awards, cementing its reputation as a top-tier airgun manufacturer in Field Target World championships.. Our dedication to producing sophisticated and award-winning air rifles is prevalent throughout the air gun community, winning multiple notable awards, one of the most consistent being Air Gun of the Year. 

With our dedicated team, we look forward to working with Percihole and are excited to see what the future of our collaboration will bring. 

Who are Percihole Sports?

Precihole Sports is a prominent manufacturer of airguns, air rifles, and accessories based in India. The company is widely recognised as India’s premier manufacturer of air rifles, pistols, and accessories. Their dedication to engineering superior airgun products has garnered acclaim from shooting enthusiasts and professionals, establishing them as a trusted name in the airgun community.

With a strong focus on quality and innovation, Precihole Sports has established itself as a leading name in the airgun industry, offering various products like sporting rifles, target rifles and air pistols. 


Ease of Access

Enthusiasts and shooters worldwide can now look forward to the exceptional range of Precihole rifles, including the precision-engineered Athena, the long-range shooting partner Achilles, and the new PCP Achilles air rifle with classic black stock. This partnership ensures that these high-performance air rifles will be readily available to meet the demands of the global airgun community.

Quality and Innovation

The collaboration between Air Arms and Precihole Sports represents a union of two industry leaders committed to delivering quality, innovation, and performance excellence. With Air Arms’ long-standing reputation for crafting precision airguns and Precihole’s track record of manufacturing state-of-the-art air rifles, this partnership sets the stage for a new change in cutting-edge airgun technology.

Here’s to the future

The partnership between Air Arms and Precihole Sports represents a significant stride forward in the global airgun market, promising enhanced accessibility to top-tier air rifle technology and setting the stage for a collaborative approach to driving innovation and quality within the industry. As this partnership unfolds, you can look forward to an exciting array of opportunities and advancements in the world of airgun shooting.

If you are interested in Precihole and want to know more about them and their rifles, you can visit their website and check out their amazing products.

Jessler Correia
23 February 2024  |  20:40

Been using a rifle and pistol from these company for almost years now, glad to say I am not disappointed. And the after sales service is exceptional as well. I'm able to hit a bottle cap at 30 metres with my rifle.... And given the fact that the effective range of these rifles is around 60 metres... I can still reach out and touch something at 70+

Chris Amphlett
27 February 2024  |  20:55

Hi, love your rifles " the best I'v ever used, I am a member of a few air gun groups who are really up set about the new India selection of rifles and think that air arms may have been sold to the new Precihole Sports , I don't know but could you say if you have ,from what I have just read in your a Announcement about a partnership it would be really nice to be able to get an email from you guy & girls to just let some of the groups know that you have not sold out to any one , I'm only asking because I really do love your rifles and love the fact your an british company , I will understand if you would rather not comment, best of luck in you new adventure ,kindest regards Chris Amphlett.

Chris Amphlett
01 March 2024  |  20:20

Hi will you still be the only ones making your Air Arm rifles or will the new Precihole Sports be making parts for you rifles ? There are a lot of shooters that are really not happy not knowing, you are the number one air rifle company in the uk (imo) buut if some other company is going to be making parts then I think it will be a really sad day for shooting people who use your rifles , you really need to make this clear for your customers, Kindest regards Chris

Damian Swift
02 March 2024  |  12:42

Haven't seen them in the real world yet, but I'm am very interested by the x200 range,especially the vitue,I'm hoping for a 12ftlbs version to be released and possibly beach/walnut stock options! the precihole offerings are super interesting too, the pp55 target pistol is on my list !! they all look to be well made/manufactured!! I think they will do very well!! and wish this partnership a long prosperous future as a long time air arms fan and user👍

Manish Karnik
01 April 2024  |  10:01

Congratulations to Air Arms and Precihole Sports.

I am a proud owner of Precihole Sports Break Barrel and PCP and will vouch for their high build quality and accuracy without any hesitation.