Air Arms Announcement

20 Comments20 April 2020  |  Air Arms

Over the last couple of days, we have made the decision to protect our staff from Covid-19 and so will be temporarily shutting NSP Engineering Ltd (Air Arms) as from 4.30pm on Friday 27th March. I now write to advise you know that based on current Government advice, our company closure has been extended to Monday 18th May 2020.

We will have a small number of our team working from home, a large number can't and I feel it would be unfair and dangerous of me to allow those people to be exposed to any risk.

Our whole team has done such a brilliant job for us and you over the years, which is why we want to put them out of harm's way. As each of the functions within our business is interlinked, there is no point keeping a sales force in place working from home or an accounts team when we can't ship anything or invoice anything. If you have an emergency please contact us via our email We will respond to your mail just as quickly as we can.

We will attempt to ship all outstanding orders before close of business on Friday, anything not shipped, will be done so on our return.

Stay tuned to Facebook, we have lots of activities coming up for you to get involved in.

Finally, this leaves me to thank you for your support and to assure you that we have not gone, we are simply hibernating and we will be back!!

These are unprecedented times for us all. Look after yourselves, your families and stay safe!

Our best wishes to you all.

Claire xx

Shaun Shore
25 March 2020  |  20:59

Good luck Claire and Air Arms

There will be a big queue for your new rifle and I like many can’t wait to buy one


Nick Ivey
25 March 2020  |  21:02

Thanks for your message which is understandable, I'm well happy to have my Air Arms ultimate spotter s510 to keep me occupied whilst off work.

Eddie Jones
25 March 2020  |  21:06

Keep safe team, looking forward to catching up in the future.

Nick Byrne
25 March 2020  |  21:16

Well done! Absolutely the right decision.

Mike Burgess
25 March 2020  |  21:24

I am as confident that you have made the right decision here as I have in your products and customer service at all times. Stay safe and well everyone at Air Arms and see you when it's safe to do so.

Glenn Walsh
25 March 2020  |  21:43

Stay safe you guys.

Jean Greatrex
25 March 2020  |  21:45

A totally right decision to make Claire.
Look after yourself, your family and all your fantastic workers.
Stay safe and well and see you on the other side!
Lots of love xxx

Trevor Palmer
25 March 2020  |  22:19

Absolutely the right decision the world would be a different place without Air Arms,
Stay safe & good luck

Ewan Hobbs
25 March 2020  |  22:38

The right thing to do Claire, respect for the workforce just pays dividends. Yours & your employees health is top of the list, us shooters will still be here when you return & you will. All of you look after yourselves, be safe IF you do go anywhere & we look forward to your return.
PS I don't like doing sums

Ged Watson.
25 March 2020  |  22:50

Hi Claire.
We all respect what you are doing, just remember we are all Human.
Gun shops are closed Nation wide. We are all self isolating so. No regrets just common sense thinking.
Stay Safe team Air Arms...

Keith Warburton
25 March 2020  |  23:02

As always, doing your best for your customers, trade partners and staff.
I hope you are able to gain some benefit from this enforced break.
Best wishes - Keith

Bob Evans
27 March 2020  |  0:07

So sorry to hear this,stay safe all of you and can I on a personal note just thank you all for your dedication and hard work because without it shooting would not feel the same,God bless all of you and take care,see you all soon xx

Sue Swift
27 March 2020  |  7:25

You have made the correct decision in looking after your staff & your families but please take great PRIDE in knowing that your fantastic Air rifled will be giving your Custome’s a bit of mental R&R during this testing time Keep Safe XX

Jim Nelson
20 April 2020  |  16:21

Dead on stay safe

Gary Chillingworth
20 April 2020  |  16:27

100% the right decision, stay safe everyone.

Roberto Nardini
20 April 2020  |  17:09

Good luck!!
Excellent decision.
Here in Italy it has been ascertained that quarantine is the only remedy for coronavirus. See you soon!!

Ian Stoddart
20 April 2020  |  17:45

All the best Claire hope you and your family are all well . . Ian & nicole xx

David Burt
20 April 2020  |  22:17

I'm looking forward to buying one of your TX200 rifles, along with a gun slip when you return. Stay safe.

David Fruin
18 August 2020  |  12:37

cant wait to see new rifle

Westley Sadler
15 September 2020  |  18:47

Hello from Maryland USA.
I’m glad you folks decided to take a break and stay safe. I hope everyone made it through unscathed.
Your decision to stay safe was in March, about five or six months past. We are wondering if you are back producing your wonderful products? If not, that is understandable.
I’m currently waiting for a Beautiful Walnut TX200 mk3 which I have ordered already.

Thank you and stay safe,