Air Arms Advent Calendar

16 Comments30 November 2021  |  Air Arms

Air Arms Advent Calendar

Announcing the Air Arms Advent Calendar!

Over the past two years there is no denying that times have been tough for everyone. Not being able to see loved ones has been incredibly difficult for everyone and this was personified last Christmas. Thankfully this Christmas is shaping up to bring back that level of normality and we can all spend time with friends and family!

We want to extend a massive thank you to everyone who has continued to support us through these challenging times. You are the life blood of our industry and without you we wouldn't be able to continue to make air rifles in the same way we do now. So, we wanted to give back to the you and so we are very excited to announce the Air Arms Advent Calendar. From the 1st of December to Christmas Eve you will have the opportunity to win a gift from Air Arms.

The prizes will range from a tin of pellets, air arms merchandise with a few rifles to be won throughout the month. In total there is over £5000 worth of prizes to be won! This is by far the biggest giveaway we have ever done! Everyday there is an opportunity to win so make sure you play everyday.

How to Play

Across our Facebook and Instagram pages every morning an entry post will go out with a question that you must answer in the comments. Everyone who comments before 3pm on the same day will be entered into the draw. The winner will then be announced at 4pm. You can only win 1 prize to give everyone a chance at winning!

This will continue for the 24 days, but you won’t know what the prize is when you enter. So make sure you come back and play everyday to have a chance to win!

It’s that simple, make sure to sure this with your friends and family to share the Christmas spirit. We wish you all the best of luck!

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Thomas Lee Walker
30 November 2021  |  11:22

I can’t wait too see what prizes are going too be won it will be an amazing giveaway thank you air arms

Andrea Copparo
30 November 2021  |  11:39

beautiful initiative

Cliff Mandville
30 November 2021  |  11:55

Currently shooting winter league

Barry Carruthers
30 November 2021  |  18:24


Barry Carruthers
30 November 2021  |  18:25

Brilliant initiative

Kevin Cross
30 November 2021  |  20:03

Great idea from AA as usual

Daz Lloyd
01 December 2021  |  6:15

Sounds a good deal

Mr Malcolm Collins
01 December 2021  |  7:36

This is all new to me,
And I really hope that was the question

Jan Roclawski
01 December 2021  |  7:49

Still potting away with my S400 a tackdriver

Karl Davies
01 December 2021  |  7:52

Looking forward to this

Kris Dabrowski
01 December 2021  |  7:56

What a lovely idea to raise our Xmas spirit.

Ted Miles
01 December 2021  |  13:03

Happy December and the beginning of the Holiday Season. Thank you Air Arms for celebrating with your loyal customers and friends.

Andrew Roach
03 December 2021  |  3:36

I have a tx200 got it in 1996 best gun I have and still looks new well done air arm

Baz Doubleyou
03 December 2021  |  9:55

Happy Christmas Air Arms

Baz Doubleyou
03 December 2021  |  9:56

Merry Christmas Air Arms

John Schardt
14 December 2021  |  16:46

Great giveaway. Jcs