2019 RSN10 Air Arms Memorial Shoot

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In the world of HFT there are some great events, these range from competitions, like the HFT World Championships, The new European Championships, The Air Arms International in Holland and the UKAHFT National series, however, one event that holds a special place for a large number of shooters is the RSN10, which is held at Scantlings farm in deepest darkest Sussex.

Every year 100+ shooters turn up at this wonderful venue and are met with hot tea, bacon rolls, and wonderful lunch and at the end of the shoot, enough cake to sink a battleship. On top of this feast, there is also a shoot, but to be honest, for me, it’s more about the cake.

The RSN10 is the brainchild of Claire West (the MD of Air Arms), and it's designed to not only embrace everything great about the world of Airgun shooting but to honour the memory of the late Bob Nicholls. Bob was not only the founder of Air Arms, he was also Claire’s father, and without his input into the sport in the early days of competitive shooting, I do not believe we would have the sports of FT and HFT that we have today.

The RSN10 is two courses of 25 (Blue and Red) and over the years we have learnt that if you do well on one, (either the lake or the wood) then you can almost guarantee to get destroyed on the other. Over the last 5 years, these courses have been set by Buxted’s very own Andy Simpson, but for 2019 a new team of course setters have taken on the mantel, Charles Peel, Jean Greatrex, Rogger Dibbins, Roy and Babs Pearce, Mike Burgess,Vince Guy and Lol Moore plus a whole army of other shooters, had taken time from work to make this event happen.

Both Red and Blue were a delight to shoot, the woods course was dark and brooding, with targets that were technical and required pinpoint accuracy from shooters (as you had to shoot through tiny gaps in the tree line) which messed with the shooter's ability to range find. Then there was the lake course, this was open and exposed to the wind and was again hard to range find as shooting across the water is always difficult and many shooters saw their pellets sail past the targets and go thudding into the ground as they had shot at the completely wrong range. 

The RSN10 is open to all shooters and we always have a wonderful selection of rifles from Anschutz, Daystate, Steyr and Weirauch, plus a large selection of Air Arms. In 2018, (for the first time), Air Arms had managed a clean sweep and won every class, so could this be done again in 2019?

Well, yes it could, in the Open class, Charles Peal took the win with his FTP-900.

The Recoiling competition saw Gary Chillingworth take home first prize with his TX200HC.

In the ladies, Debbie McNaught won with her HFT-500.

Mike Burgess took first place with in the veterans competition with his FTP-900.

Ethan Dally took the win in the Juniors with his HFT-500.

Finally, after the prizes had been awarded, there was a chance to win a coveted HFT-500 as the main prize and for the 2nd year in a row, this went to a member of Wendover Wolves and Mark Walker became a very happy shooter with a new gun.

The RSN10 is a wonderful shoot and if you have never shot an HFT event before, then this is the one to try. It is a true celebration of everything great about our sport and a fitting tribute to Bob. Air Arms is a wonderful company and under Claire’s guidance, they continue to promote the sport and go from strength to strength and me for one, thank them for everything they do. I hope to see you all next year and please don’t eat all the Strawberry Cheesecake, It’s my favourite.

Results on the day:

NameClassManufacturerBlue scoreRed scoreTotalPosition 
Charles PealOpenAir Arms4750971
Chris TheodoulouOpenAnschutz4947962
Richard WoodsOpenAnschutz4947963
Lewis HodgesOpenSteyr4749964
Neil PalmerOpenSteyr4649955
Arron FriendOpenISP464894 
Anwar GhaziOpenSteyr454994 
Graeme CarganOpenISP454994 
Jonathan DallyOpenAnschutz464894 
Andy SimpsonOpenISP464793 
Jack HoughtonOpenAir Arms454893 
Kev CattOpenAir Arms454893 
Kevin HillsOpenSteyr474693 
Mark RackleyOpenSteyr464793 
Simon VantOpenSteyr454893 
Daniel SmithOpenDaystate474592 
Ewan HobbsOpenISP464692 
Jill CochraneOpenAir Arms464692 
Jon HoughtonOpenAir Arms454792 
Lol MooreOpenAnschutz454792 
Paul HargreavesOpenSteyr444892 
Roger DibbensOpenDaystate464692 
Alex LarkinOpenSteyr464591 
Owen WilsonOpenAir Arms434891 
Darren PurnellOpenAir Arms474390 
David WestOpenAir Arms434790 
Paul BurtOpenAir Arms434790 
Russ ConnorOpenAnschutz454590 
Brian AttfieldOpenAir Arms454489 
Glen PickardOpenAir Arms454489 
Howard KalischOpenSteyr414889 
John CooperOpenHW454489 
Jon Newton MayOpenISP434689 
Nigel CarterOpenAir Arms444589 
Gary ChanningOpenSteyr424688 
Kevin WicksonOpenISP424688 
Paul AndrewOpenAnschutz484088 
Paul BradfordOpenAir Arms454388 
Rick BowellOpenDaystate464288 
Simon MarriotOpenSteyr434588 
Steve O'MaraOpenAir Arms414788 
Nathan IngramOpenAir Arms424587 
Justin RaynerOpenISP434487 
Kevin WeeksOpenAir Arms434487 
Mark CamoccioOpenAir Arms424587 
Nik OrrOpenAir Arms464187 
Paul WettonOpenBrocock444387 
Mark WalkerOpenSteyr444286 
John Mode-KeefeOpenAir Arms444185 
Nigel BuchanOpenISP424385 
Dave EcclestonOpenSteyr394584 
Grant StretchOpenHW414283 
Keith SuttonOpenDaystate404383 
Neil ParrottOpenAir Arms424183 
Chris AllumOpenSteyr414182 
Lee ColvinOpenHW384482 
Martin ArmstrongOpenAtaman414182 
Dominic WestOpenSteyr414081 
Vince GuyOpenISP394281 
Darryl BundockOpenAir Arms394180 
Toby PennyOpenAir Arms394180 
Bruce IngramOpenAir Arms413879 
Nigel GoslingOpenDaystate384179 
David SippittOpenAir Arms393978 
Daryl BellOpenAir Arms383977 
Graham HardingOpenDaystate364177 
Matthew FranksOpenDaystate374077 
Paul HyattOpenAir Arms354277 
Doug FalconOpenBrocock364076 
Nick Van-Ziger RenOpenFX383876 
Brandon HoughtonOpenAir Arms373774 
Laurence PealOpenAir Arms403474 
Mark AlexanderOpenAir Arms363874 
Piotr LesniakOpenAir Arms373774 
Richard SimpsonOpenAir Arms363874 
John BrowningOpenSteyr353772 
Michael MuckleyOpenAir Arms353772 
Alan WeatherheadOpenFWB314071 
Jacek GrantOpenHW353671 
Richard IsaacsOpenDaystate353671 
Chris MearsOpenAir Arms343670 
Shaun AlexanderOpenAir Arms333770 
Tony JohnsonOpenSteyr313970 
Peter KimberOpenAir Arms323466 
Steven TwistOpenAir Arms333265 
Matt HoddOpenAir Arms343064 
Wayne LovellOpenAir Arms273259 
Carl LovellOpenAir Arms292958 
Peter TrimmerOpenAir Arms04343 
Gary ChillingworthRecoilAir Arms4346891
Bob PattendenRecoilHW424688 
Danny RoffRecoilAir Arms434588 
Dan GordonRecoilAir Arms444387 
Keith WarburtonRecoilAir Arms454186 
Jake DayRecoilAir Arms414384 
Nigel WoodRecoilAir Arms424284 
Davy ThomasRecoilAir Arms404383 
Shane BennettRecoilAir Arms424082 
Andy DayRecoilHW374279 
David JackmanRecoilAir Arms374279 
Martin CookRecoilHW393877 
Rod McGregorRecoilAir Arms403777 
Malcolm SmithRecoilHW363874 
Toby JamesRecoilAir Arms324072 
Phil RussellRecoilHW343771 
Darren BrindRecoilAir Arms343367 
Mike BurgessVeteranAir Arms4644901
Michael IsaacVeteranAir Arms434588 
Phil MoodyVeteranAir Arms424688 
Kevin ClarkVeteranAir Arms444387 
Gary MorrisonVeteranHW404484 
Roy PearceVeteranAir Arms434184 
Barry WadeVeteranAir Arms414283 
Finn CochraneVeteranImpact424183 
David HendersonVeteranAir Arms373572 
Fred ChapmanVeteranDaystate323668 
Nick Byrne0.22Air Arms4342851
Jason Lockett0.22Air Arms394079 
Don Vickers0.22Daystate354075 
Redders Bluer0.22BSA353772 
Ethan DallyJuniorAir Arms4345881
Harvey FriendJuniorHW414586 
Charlie KimberJuniorAir Arms394382 
Jade AlexanderJuniorAir Arms424082 
Jay Mode-KeefeJuniorAir Arms413374 
Gabriel HobbsJuniorAir Arms333871 
Debra NcNaughtLadiesAir Arms4446901
Stephanie IsaacLadiesDaystate464490 
Karen O'MaraLadiesAir Arms414586 
Ann HigginsLadiesDaystate414485 
Louise GrayLadiesAir Arms434083 
Jean GreatrexLadiesAir Arms404080 
Barbara PearceLadiesAir Arms363874 
Alicia FranksLadiesAir Arms343973 
Sarah VickersLadiesAir Arms353772 
Linda MuckleyLadiesAir Arms333366 
Jo BluerLadiesAir Arms263056 

A huge thank you to the volunteers on the day. 

Course setters: Jean Greatrex, Laurence Peal, Roger Dibbens, Roy Pearce, Barbara Pearce, Mike Burgess, Vince Guy and Lol Moore.

Marshals: Gary Chillingworth, Nick Byrne, Roger Dibbens, Mike Burgess and Graeme Cargan.

Scoring: Brigitte Vant. 

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Jacek Grant
03 September 2019  |  22:30

That was a great day, it was the most enjoyable shot I had in my short history with this sport. Thank you AirArms.

Andy Kays
05 September 2019  |  15:51

Nice quality photo's, and the event looks a blast !