James Osborne

Air Arms Ambassador



I took up Field Target shooting when I was about 14 or 15 years old. I was lucky in that my parents were happy to take me all around the country to the various national competitions. By shooting in these competitions I gained a lot of experience quickly, and everyone was always happy to help with shooting advice too. I have always shot airguns and Field Target, I have tried clay pigeon and rimfire shooting, but they don’t really do it for me. I also shoot 10m match pistol, but I’m not very good at it!

Major Achievements

There are a few moments that stick in my mind. My first major competition win was in the 1990 Airgun World (as it was then) Showdown Final. To take the title I had to beat the some of the best in the sport including Nick Jenkinson and Andy Calpin. I was 16 at the time and I must have been unbearable! On the domestic front I have won the BFTA Grand Prix series on three occasions. The British Masters and European Championships I think I have won twice. Other memorable wins include several NEFTA Classic and MFTA winter league titles. I even managed to win the Showdown again, it only took about 20 years of trying. In 2006 I shot and won the World FT Championships held in Poland, it was nerve wracking. I have also traveled to Germany, South Africa and Italy to attend World Championships and I recorded a top ten finish at each. Where do you Practise My home club is Leicester & District Small Bore Rifle and Pistol Club (or Dowry Hill as the FT population knows it). I find little time for practise but shoot plenty of competitions and hopefully that keeps my shooting sharp.

Favourite Airgun

At the moment I use an Air Arms FTP900 mounted with a Schmidt & Bender FT scope which makes for a lovely combination. It would be difficult to choose a favourite but I do have a soft spot for my Mk1 EV2.

Top Tips to Fellow Shooters

  • Enjoy your shooting, what is the point otherwise?
  • Get to know your equipment well.
  • Try not to make silly mistakes (and that isn’t easy).

Future Plans

More FT shooting! There are now so many more shooters capable of winning events, it is harder to win a competition now than it ever was. So, I hope to remain competitive and win a few more titles but that will take some hard work on my part. I would love to do some more shooting abroad and have promised myself a trip to Spain one year to attend the Euskadi Open, a few more World Championship trips would be great too.