Jack Harris

Air Arms Ambassador


I started shooting Field Target in December 2008, but I’ve actually been shooting a little bit longer than that. Back in 2004, my father and I used to do a little hunting and dabbled with a bit of Hunter Field Target at the same time. However, were not made to lie in the mud! My father brought me an Ev2 when we started and now it’s my old trusty rifle. The gun is a faultless machine.

Major Achievements

I’ve won a few competitions during the time have been shooting. I will always remember my first Welsh Winter Series in AA class – it was the first run of form I’d ever had. It was then that I caught the Field Target bug! From there I’ve started to win a few bigger competitions. Not including a few GP wins, my 1st major win was the British Masters 2013, which was such a great feeling. Shortly followed by winning the European Championships 2013 just a month later.

In 2014, I had the biggest prize of all – the birth of my baby boy! Although I still shot all the competitions that year, I took a small step backwards out of the sport.

This year on the other hand, I’ve put more effort in and my results have gone up. I’ve won the Grand Prix Series 2015, then went on to come 2nd in the World Championships in Lithuania. When we came back it wasn’t long until the British Masters and British Showdown weekend … I also got my name on these two. All in all a fantastic year.


I don’t really practice a lot to be honest. I’m generally too busy shooting in other competitions but if I’ve got to sort something out on my gun I go to my club Blaenau Gwent FTC. It’s like two grounds; a big open field with lots of wind and generally rain as well. Then, with a 500yd walk you can go to the woods and mountain – this is where you can test all different things like uphill and downhill shots etc with a little fickle wind.

Favourite Gun

My favourite gun is my Air Arms EV2. It’ll take something pretty special to make me change as I’ve used it in all of my FT career so I know it inside out.

Top Tips to Fellow Shooters

Enjoy your shooting and that goes for everything else that you do. What’s the point in doing something if you don’t enjoy it. Also, work on your weaknesses!

Future Plans

My only plans are to keep doing what I’m doing – shooting and enjoying it! I’ve met some amazing people in Field Target and there are a lot that I call close friends, so there isn’t going be any stopping me!