Gary Chillingworth

Air Arms Ambassador


In the dim and distant past I was a Tae-Kwon-Do instructor, this sport gave me the opportunity to test my competitive side and it was a sport that I loved. Unfortunately, due to old age, a broken body and work I had to give up TKD and luckily I found the sport of HFT.

I took up the sport in 2006 and my first rifle was an Air Arms S400, this was then added too with a GinB stock and a Hawke Tac 30. I used this set up in my early days shooting at Cambridge and taking part in the Southern Hunters. Before long, I found myself taking pictures at events and writing report and then in 2008 I started to write for AirGunner magazine and have been doing so for the last 11 years.


Since taking up shooting I have had a small amount of success, but one of my proudest achievements was making the English National team in 2012 and 2013 and shooting for Team England at the HFT World championships was a honour and privilege. As well as this, my PCP and I managed to win a few titles, like the Scottish Open and the RSN10 Open class and RSN10 trophy, but in 2016 I had started to lose my Mojo and was on the verge of quitting. Then, lurking in the back of my gun cabinet was a TX200 HC, so I packed away my Steyr and started to spring.

This decision was the best thing I ever did, it reignited my love of shooting and within a year I had won the UKAHFT National recoiling title. In 2018, I won the Nationals again and the HFT Worlds (Springer class) and in 2019 Claire West the MD of Air Arms asked me to Captain the Springer team and a greater honour I could not have wished for.

I have, however, lost my World Title and in 2019 was resoundingly beaten by Slawomir Opiela from Poland. Slawomir shot brilliantly at the Worlds and it made me realise that I need to step up my game for 2020.

Practice Methods

With this in mind, I have stepped up my training regimen, at each shoot I make a note of the targets that I miss and I have identified that I can’t shoot supported shots with consistency, So, I have purchased new targets from Flopover and along with my regular prone and free standing practice every day, I now shoot 25 kneeling and 25 supported targets at various ranges. In an attempt to improve my shooting, I have also seen a nutritionist to help me with the physicality of shooting.

Favourite Air Rifle

For me, my favourite Air Arms rifle is the Air Arms TX200 HC, I love the fact that you can strip it in less than 5 minutes and the accuracy is astounding. My current rifle has had 50,000 shots through it and is still on the same spring and main seal and with a bit of polishing, the trigger is almost as good as my Air Arms HFT 500 (Which is my favourite PCP). I like the HC (Hunter Carbine) as its compact and can be fitted with a silencer (Keeps the neighbours happy when I’m practicing) and is centrally balanced.

Future Goals

So, this brings me onto next year will be tough, my fellow Air Arms team mates have all improved and are getting better every week and I have no doubt that just like the 2019 National series, it will all come down to the wire.

For my goal is to achieve a score in the Nationals that would get me within the top 25 in open class and my 5 year goal is to get back into the England squad, but with a spring gun. The vast majority of my shooting life has been done with an Air Arms in my hands, they are not just a great rifle, they are a great company and family. So, if you have a springer in your cupboard, put away your PCP and come and has some fun with the crazy ones.