Andy Calpin

Air Arms Ambassador



I started Field Target in 1984 after reading about it in airgun magazines. I shot other air rifles for 17 years before getting an Air Arms MK11 EV2 along with a Nikko MK2 scope.

Practise and Training

My local club is Anston Field Target & Airgun club and that’s where I do most of my training. It’s close to home and has three good ranges as well as a nice woodland to get a feel for different winds etc.

Favourite Airgun

The Air Arms EV2 I’ve been shooting has been ultra reliable and to my style of shooting they seem to be the most naturally pointable guns of all the other top end Field Target rifles.

Top Tips for Fellow Shooters

  • Try and latch on to someone that’s a good shot & willing to spend time giving you good advice & tips from the start (remember, bad habits take some getting out of).
  • Vary your practise sessions as much as possible to stop going stale, little and often works best for me personally.
  • Try and visit as many clubs / shoots as possible to get experience, and don’t shy away from practising in the wind.

Future Plans

I’ve had some good times over the years and I’ve been lucky enough to make some great friends on my travels, so I think its time to put a bit back into the sport that has given me so much over the years.

I enjoy setting up and organising shoots as much as shooting, especially when competitors from countries afar come over to shoot, and if I do well at the shoot, then that’s just a bonus!