The S510 Tactical (S510T) is the perfect blend of usability and functionality. The action is built around the extraordinarily successful S510, used worldwide in many disciplines from field sports to HFT.

This versatile action has now been coupled with an ergonomic stock based on the style of choice by governments around the world. The tactical platform offers an almost limitless choice of sizes, handling positions and accessories that make using and shooting this rifle a unique experience.

The functionality of the S510T Tactical air rifle comes from the fact that all mounting points are to international specifications, the grip mount, the M-Lok slots in the fore-end and the mounting location for the butt stock. This means rifle configurations can be adapted to any shooter and indeed changed in minutes to suit changing conditions.

The M-Lok system allows direct fitting of enabled accessories or the mounting of a rail to facilitate the use of equipment you may already own.

The fore-end has M-Lok slots on 3 surfaces, one along the underside and one each side at 90°. Mount a torch on the right, sling mount on the left, bi-pod and vertical grip on the underside, or simply fit rubber inserts to further enhance stability when shouldering the rifle in the traditional fashion.

The scope rail is to the picatinny standard making swap out sights easy and precise.

features Air Arms Series 7 regulator and valve system Adjustable high power output (high power model only) M-LOK Slots Fore-end picatinny rail Adjustable CTR stock Drop-down cocking lever 2 x 10 shot magazines included Adjustable two-stage trigger with safety Fully shrouded match grade Lothar Walther barrel Built-in manometer Moderator included

Standard Power
Shot Count90120
Muzzle Energy12 ftlb
Overall Length900–985mm
Barrel Length395 mm
Weight2.8 kg
High Power
Shot Count403525
Muzzle Energy20 ftlb30 ftlb40 ftlb
Overall Length985–1070 mm
Barrel Length495 mm
Weight3.1 kg

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S510T Tactical Angled
S510T Tactical Profile Left
S510T Tactical Barrel Moderator Foregrip
S510T Tactical Drop Down Lever
S510T Tactical Magazine and Rail
S510T Tactical Adjustable Stock