Rock Pigeon Shooting with the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter XS

1 Comment7 March 2019  |  Air Arms

Today on Air Arms TV, we join Air Arms ambassador, Richard Leonard rock pigeon shooting on the Eastern Coast of South Africa with the S510 Ultimate Sporter XS.

The rock pigeon also known as the speckled pigeon is a resident breeding bird of South Africa. They grow up to 32 centimetres in length and are a popular game bird to hunt. The pesky birds have been causing havoc to a local farmer who has asked Richard to come in and help reduce the numbers.

The weather might be very windy, but Richard is confident he will come across plenty of birds during his Air Arms adventure. Soon enough Richard spots his first rock pigeon of the day. He slowly approaches and sets up the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter XS. After taking a few deep breathes, Richard squeezes the trigger and the bird is ethically dispatched. It’s a great start to the day, but there’s still plenty of hunting to be had.

Not only are rock pigeons fun to hunt, they are also really tasty as well. Further up the field Richard spots a flock of Hadada Ibis. The farmer has told him that he’s been having a huge problem with these birds on the property. They cause massive sound pollution and make a mess on the food troughs and rooftops. Richard once again gets set up and prepares to take a shot. Unfortunately, it misses and the birds take off. Hadada ibis are difficult birds to hunt.

Although disappointed, Richard continues on.

The rock pigeons in the next area of the farm love to feed on the nearby horse food bins. Richard is sure that he will come across some nearby. Sure enough moments later Richard spots a whole flock of rock pigeons. No wasting anytime Richard gets into a safe shooting position, he is able to successful harvest several rock pigeons from this flock before the others fly away. Eager to carry on, Richard continues his hunt.

Richard locates two Hadada Ibis a short distance away. He quickly and quietly moves to a nearby fence for a better position. He takes aim and squeezes the trigger of the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter XS, the pellet hits perfectly and another bird is dispatched.

It’s been a great days hunting on the farm. Richard wants one more pigeon down for a cherry on the top. Like magic Richard spots one on a post, he has to jump over a fence to reach a suitable shooting position, but as soon as he gets the Air Arms Ultimate Sporter XS ready the pigeon is quickly dispatched.

Zaynul Abedin
02 November 2020  |  16:03

Can i purchase this one from India