Air Rifle Shooting – Danny Roff

12 December 2018  |  Air Arms

We recently sat down with HFT shooter, Danny Roff and talked about how he got into air rifle shooting and his future plans.

How did you get into air rifle shooting?

I needed a hobby after my band split, I had lots of down time and decided to do something outdoors. My buddy had a PCP in his workshop and we shot tin cans and paint pots for fun. I then bought an S200 to hunt on family land when I was good enough. I’m pretty new to air rifles really.

What do you enjoy most about HFT shooting?

The social aspect is amazing, I’ve travelled all over the country and went to Holland with my buddies and made new friends along the way, people who I’d never have had the pleasure to know without HFT.

What are your goals for 2019?

I’d like to break 55 points in a round, win a UKAHFT round. get onto team Air Arms and just have as much fun as I can.

What advice would you give someone who wants to give HFT shooting a try?

Do it for sure, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Try it out, all the club’s I’ve been to have been welcoming and friendly. There’s plenty of people willing to help you out if you need some advice.

How did you feel winning the recoiling class at the RSN10 Memorial Shoot?

I didn’t believe it until they said my surname. The RSN shoot is one of the best shoots of the year the whole event is so positive. I have owned lots of Air Arms over the last couple of years and to take the trophy with the TX200 is great, Air Arms support our sport so much, it was a real honor.

What tips/help have you received from the other Air Arms team members?

Well what haven’t they taught me?. I’ve had guidance from Gary Chillingworth, Nigel Wood, Neil Wakelin, Rex Bennett and so many others. They’ve offered me constant encouragement and support, I have a great group of friends.

What is your current set-up?

I shoot a TX200 MKIII with a 22mm piston and a Hawke Sidewinder Scope fixed 10 mag that was given to me by Gary Chillingworth because I couldn’t afford a scope to start with. All sat in a beautiful Warren Edwards laminate stock.

How did you get involved in HFT shooting?

I was sitting at a range and two guys came up and started telling me about it. I’d just come to air rifles and was learning the basics for hunting. They invited me along and I went and was instantly hooked so it’s all thanks to Neil Keeler and Phil Webster for the introduction.

How did it feel when you competed in your first HFT competition?

I was nervous as I’ve never been involved in any competitive sports before but when I soon realised there was more of a fun atmosphere than I’d expected I relaxed and the fun begins.

Who has been the biggest influence?

This is a tough one, all the positive people I’ve met in the shooting community, they shape the events and keep them enjoyable.