Helen Kelly

Air Arms Ambassador


I started air rifle shooting in 2013 having been at a shoot where my husband Paul was competing. I found it interesting and especially the friendly atmosphere between the shooters and wanted to have a go for myself. I initially shot an Air Arms S400 with a walnut stock because I wanted my gun to look like a gun and I loved it!

Major achievements

Following my initial success, I had a dip in performance and tried Paul’s Air Arms FTP900. I found it to be too heavy, so bought the Air Arms HFT500 when it was first released and I haven’t looked back since. My scores have improved considerably with the HFT500 where I went on to win the North West Winter Gauntlet Series in 2014/15.

Favourite Gun

The Air Arms HFT500 at the moment

Top Tips to Fellow Shooters

  • Sport is meant to be a fun activity, so make sure you enjoy it.
  • Embrace the support and willingness to help offered by fellow shooters. They can often point you in the right direction of where you may be going wrong.
  • Something positive can always be found in every shot! If a target fails to fall, try and understand why and learn from it.

Future plans

To continue to improve on my results and enjoy the sport.