European Open 2014

The competition will be run to the 2014 SARPA rules & will consist of two 30 shot courses set to the 2014 UKAHFT course format, each competitor will shoot one course on the Saturday & the other course on the Sunday.

The date of this shoot is Saturday the 9th & Sunday the 10th August.

Competitors will shoot either Alpha on the first day & bravo course on the second Day.

The SARPA European Open 2014 Champion will be the shooter with the highest two day total irrespective of the class they enter.


Trophies for this event will be as follows

1st – 3rd Open Class.
1st – 3rd Ladies
1st – 3rd Juniors (16 years or under on the first day of the event)
1st – 3rd Recoiling
1st – 3rd .22” calibre.

Top three in each of the individual classes will be decided by a shoot off.

For more information on this event click ‘here

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