The Air Arms FTP900 With James Osborne

I have shot Air Arms rifles for many years throughout my shooting career. After using the EV2 for some time I decided that I would move on from this classic model. Air Arms have an extensive range of air rifles suitable to everyone’s style of shooting. I chose the Air Arms FTP900. Even though I have had my FTP900 for a few years now and I still think of it as my new gun!


As a competition FT shooter, I need to be sure my air rifle allows me to be competitive. There are a few features that need to be spot on to achieve successful field target shooting.

The aesthetics play a huge part in whether or not I like an air rifle. The Air Arms FTP900 doesn’t disappoint. I love the chunky muzzle brake; it makes the FTP900 instantly recognisable. Curves are in the details all over this air rifle, the cocking lever, spirit level and especially the stock. The whole rifle design is tied together as a whole rather than being a selection of individual parts nailed together.


Looks aside, the whole process of shooting this air rifle works well for me. I believe setting up a good routine is essential for competition shooting. Here is the process I always go through: flip out the wind indicator and spirit level, shoulder the rifle, acquire and range-find the target, cock the rifle with the (curvy) sidelever (noting the smooth action), load the pellet into the breech and using that sidelever, with its little snap at the end of its travel, close the breech. Acquire the target once again and break the shot with the two-stage match trigger. The sequence is almost therapeutic. The actual firing cycle feels crisp without being too harsh; it gives me a sense of the shot while still allowing me to follow the pellet as it strikes the target.


The weight of the FTP900 I do find a little on the heavy side, especially when mounted up with a typical FT scope, but the balance is good and despite my own competition rifle losing a little weight during the time I have been fortunate in retaining the nice neutral balance. I have made a few other small adjustments and alterations over time here and there to suit my personal tastes and requirements and the FTP900 has allowed me to do this; another reason why I love my rifle as I like to ‘fine tune’ aspects of any rifle when the mood takes me, a little personalisation.


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