The Galahad has been intelligently designed to ensure power, strength and accuracy.

S200 Sporter

The S200 Sporter delivers high performance in a lightweight format, perfect for juniors and ladies.


The S400 is the biggest selling single shot pneumatic that’s as comfortable in the hunting field as it is on the Hunter Field Target course.


The S410 is regarded as the finest airgun in its class combining accuracy, reliability and user-friendly performance.

S410 TDR

The S410 TDR is a full spec hunting rifle fitted with every feature that makes the rifle a worldwide best seller.

S510 Carbine

The S510 provides a new level of sophistication, smooth and virtually effortless.

S510 TC

The S510 TC (twin cylinder) offers superb handling quickly locking onto the point of aim.


The Superlite delivers maximum performance in a lightweight package.

Ultimate Sporter

The Ultimate Sporter provides precision and control, taking your shooting to the next level.