Ultimate Sporter Xtra

The Ultimate Sporter Xtra offers excellent performance with the high power of this model allowing you to add an extra dimension to your sport.

Ultimate power and precision

The Ultimate Sporter Xtra has all the benefits of the standard Ultimate Sporter, but the Xtra model gives close to 30ft lbs in 22 cal over 30 precise shots. The extra power, the S510 technology, the 10 shot recoiless action and the smooth lines of the fully adjustable laminated ambidextrous stock makes the Ultimate Sporter Xtra, the perfect hunting partner.

A high power rifle adds an extra dimension to your sport which allows you to explore and exploit far more hunting situations.

  • Fast and smooth side lever action
  • Ambidextrous laminate stock
  • Built-in rear sling mount
  • Fully adjustable cheek piece and butt pad
  • Two 10 shot colour coded magazines
  • Accessory rail with built-in adjustable front sling mounts
  • Full length action following maximum shot capacity
  • Fully-shrouded barrel with mounting for optional external moderator
  • Exclusive easy to read manometer
  • Built-in power adjustable