S500 Xtra

The S500 Xtra offers the best of both worlds, with 'Xtra' performance in a single shot format.

All the extra performance - in a single-shot format

Hunters are individuals; some demand the ultimate in hi-tech, while others prefer a more simple approach. In the S500Xtra, you have a sporter that offers the best of both worlds. Within its variable-and extra power rated action, this rifle provides all the versatility of its 10-shot stablemate, with the straightforward, direct loading of a single-shot sporter.

Simply cock the rifle with a short sweep of its sidelever then roll a pellet into the generous loading channel, before closing the lever. The internal components of this rifle are guarded from contamination by a bronze particle filter and regular maintenance is minimal.

Therefore, running the S500Xtra is every bit as easy as shooting it. Fully equipped with exactly the same proven performance advantages as the S510Xtra, this single-shot version has all the power and precision you require.

  • Fast & smooth side lever action
  • Adjustable power output
  • Fully shrouded barrel
  • Threaded shroud for optional external moderator
  • Trigger mounted safety
  • Adjustable two stage trigger
  • In-line 20 micron filter
  • Rifle and carbine lengths available
  • Built-in manometer