My Top Moments of 2016 – Eddie Jones

2016 has been an incredible year.

It all began at the 2016 Shooting Show when I was asked to join Air Arms as an ambassador.

When I met Claire West she showed so much passion towards Airgunning, her conversation was so emotional that I was in awe. Everything about Claire and what she stood for seemed to give me new vigor towards my shooting, I could not wait to join her “Family” as she put it.

Well, the wait was on now for the new rifles to appear, it did not take long and I was soon the proud keeper of three lovely rifles.

The rifles I chose were the Ultimate Sporter, TX200 HC and S410 TDR all in my preferred .177.

So how have I got on so far? Well, I now know why it is called the Ultimate Sporter. This rifle has been a dream, from its outstanding looks to its faultless action, and I have loved it since day one. It is not very often you can pick a rifle up and shoot it for the first time and feel like you have had it forever, I was amazed, my energy to go out and hunt with this rifle was in overload and I haven’t had that feeling for a long time.


The Next rifle to get my attention was the S410 TDR, for some reason I did not think it would suit my needs, how wrong I was.

I was shooting a little wood the first time I had taken this rifle out, the trees are pretty packed tight here so a heavyish rifle on a sling was not really appropriate, also carrying a rifle by its stock soon wears your arms down so that was my main reason to try the TDR. I was not let down by it either; it was so accurate and maneuverable. Even building it up ready to shoot puts you in a mindset of being in the cast of a James Bond movie.


My final new rifle has got to be one of the finest rifles on this planet. The TX200 HC has to be one of my favourite rifles of all time. I owned a MK1 in the past and it took me from an OK shooter and turned me into a successful hunter. I spent hours out with this rifle and to have its more updated version sitting in front of me just makes me smile.


I am now the proud keeper of a new Galahad. This was like no bullpup I had held or shot before. I have had it out in the field quite a bit lately and it’s hard to put down.


I had a recent visit to the Air Arms factory, some hundreds of miles and hours of driving away from my home. It was a fantastic day, I was shown around the factory and seen most of how the rifles are made and put together, their team of skilled workers were awesome to watch. It brought back a memory from day one when Claire mentioned her company as a family. I was so well looked after and the staff so nice you can see why the company/family work so well. Thank you to everyone for such a great day.

So what now for 2017?

I will be starting on the squirrels and wood pigeon this month. When shooting either of these pests in a wood you certainly need good camouflage, there are so many patterns and manufacturers out there that nothing should be left to chance. Face and hand cover is a must with pigeons, they will spot you moving an inch if you’re not well concealed. Squirrels, however, are very sly; if walking through the woods take slow quiet steps, look at every tree, branch and the floor for any sign of them. In winter you will find a lot on the floor digging buried nuts up to eat. Early mornings or late afternoon are the best times to find them foraging. You can also put bait stations around the wood and bring them to you if it’s easier. I love the thrill of the stalk so I don’t do a lot of feeder work but it is very effective.

I will also be hitting rabbits and rats at night hard this winter. If you are shooting at night make sure you know your ground well. There are so many obstacles that could injure you after dark so know where they are before you set off.

Well, that is my year so far and what is to come, there are some very exciting times ahead and I hope to share many moments with you.

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