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Essential Tips for Air Rifle Safety

Plinking and practising with your air rifle is great fun and how most avid airgunners start out, but airgun offences can lead to prosecutions. Here’s our essential tips for air rifle safety… Never leave your air rifle unattended. Always treat your rifle as loaded and keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Only shoot within your boundary and consider where the pellet could go and possible ricochet before you shoot. Always carry your rifle in a gun cover, unloaded and not cocked in public. Seek permission from the landowner before shooting, if possible obtain the permission in writing and make…

Christmas Quarry – Rabbit Stew Recipe!

With christmas just around the corner and the so called ‘weather bomb’ hitting the UK now is the perfect time to make use off all those

Andy Calpin’s Guide to Air Gunning

Air Arms Ambassador and 2014 BFTA Grand Prix overall champion Andy Calpin talks us through his routine before a competition, how he got into Field

A Family Affair

Keith Anderson takes a trip down memory lane Origins It’s where we all started out. In the back garden, with a ‘hand me down’

Choosing an Air Rifle – Target Shooting

With so many air rifles available, it can be confusing trying to choose your perfect rifle for target shooting. We will talk through three of the

Air Arms Supports Disabled Shooting Day

Air Arms supported the first ‘Wellies’ charity disabled shooting day, an event that organiser and volunteer Mark Clarke would like to make an

Testing Targets

Whether you fancy yourself as a sharp shooter, want to test or improve your accuracy skills, shooting targets is incredible fun. We explore the

Introduction to Bell Target Shooting

Bell Target shooting is one of the oldest Pub and Club sports in the UK. Starting in the 1890’s in the Birmingham area, popularity quickly grew

European Open 2014

The competition will be run to the 2014 SARPA rules & will consist of two 30 shot courses set to the 2014 UKAHFT course format, each competitor

Air Gun Expo & European Air Gun Championship

Air Gun Expo is the annual showcase event of the Airgun Industry, and has long been the home of airgunning in the UK. Airgun Expo represents the most

Lea Valley Air Gun HFT Championships

Lea Valley Air Gun Club is considered by many to be the UK’s premier air gun shooting club and with a membership of around 150 it is certainly one