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The Air Arms S410 – A Closer Look

The Air Arms S410 is regarded as the finest airgun in its class combining accuracy, reliability and user-friendly performance. The S410 is the classic, precharged pneumatic sporter and regarded throughout the airgun world as the finest in its class. Correct design, precision engineering and a deserved reputation for customer satisfaction, makes the Air Arms S410 the first choice for airgun hunters the world over. The butt has a high, right hand, roll-over cheek piece that positions your head perfectly for the scope. The fore end is slim and tapers forward with a semi-Schnable tip. It’s ideally proportioned for most shooters.…

Air Arms Gun Of The Month | S410 TDR

The S410 TDR is a full spec-hunting rifle fitted with every feature that makes the rifle a worldwide best seller. The Air Arms S410 TDR is described

Matt Dubber Reviews The Air Arms S410 TDR FAC

In his thorough and in-depth review, Air Arms ambassador Matt Dubber takes us through the Air Arms S410 TDR FAC. The TDR is an S410 that can be taken

Air Arms Gun Of The Month | S510 Carbine

The Air Arms S510 takes the proven 400 series format and gives it a new level of sophistication. This rifle’s smooth, virtually effortless,

Air Arms Gun Of The Month | FTP900.

Three essential elements have to come together to achieve success in field target shooting. Those elements are , and you’ll find the ultimate

Air Arms Gun Of The Month | TX200 MkIII – A World Field Target Championship Winning Rifle.

“The best spring rifle in the world!” Those who prefer their air rifles to be self-powered and free of compressed air tanks and changing

Pete Sparkes Review | Air Arms HFT 500 | Gun Of The Month.

Air Arms’ Gun of The Month for November is the Air Arms HFT 500. So what better way to celebrate this magnificent gun than catching up with

Matt Dubber | Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter Xtra Set Up

We catch up with Air Arms ambassador Matt Dubber ahead of his next hunting trip over in South Africa. Let’s see what set up he’ll be

Gun & Shooting Review – The Air Arms S510 Carbine

Get set for the latest episode of Air Arms TV. Today, Cai Ap Bryn director of the Wild Food Catering Company will be taking a look at the Air Arms

Long Range shooting – why choose the Air Arms S510 xtra FAC

Airgun Expert and Air Arms Ambassador Matt Dubber tells us why the Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC is his chosen rifle when it comes to long range

Air Arms S400F Superlite Review

Today on Air Arms TV, we take a close and in depth look at the new S400F Superlite. Cai Ap Bryn director of the Wild Food Catering Company will be

Air Arms Pro Sport: Supreme Styling Meets World Class Function – Ian Harford Tests It Out

It has often been said that no air gun in the world combines the degree of mechanical function and stylish design like the Air Arms Pro Sport. With

Air Arms FTP900: Precision Field Target Instrument: Ian Harford takes a closer look…

Air Arms ambassador and experienced international Field Target marksman Ian Harford gets to grips with his new Air Arms FTP900 and offers his

Ultimate Warrior: Pete Wadeson tests the Air Arms Ultimate Sporter

The new Air Arms Ultimate Sporter has been picked up by quite a few serious airgun shooters. Keith Anderson (below) has used it to great effect on

Ultimate Sporter Review

Air Arms South Africa Ambassador Matt Dubber talks us through why the Ultimate Sporter FAC is his Gun of Choice. The Air Arms Ultimate Sporter is a

Nick Jenkinson Reviews The Air Arms FTP900

As ever, we at Air Arms TV are always eager to get our hands on the very latest guns, rifles and hunting equipment, and this week we have in depth

Air Arms S410 TDR – Cai Ap Bryns Gun of Choice

Director of The Wild Food Catering Company (and Air Arms fan) Cai Ap-Bryn lets us know what he thinks of the S410 TDR. I have had the pleasure of

Air Arms Ultimate Sporter FAC – Matt Dubbers Gun of Choice

Air Arms South Africa Ambassador Matt Dubber talks us through why the Ultimate Sporter FAC is his Gun of Choice. The Ultimate Sporter FAC is a rifle

Air Arms FTP900 – Pete Sparkes Gun of Choice

Air Arms HFT Team Captain Pete Sparkes tells us why he swears by his FTP900… I have shot many guns since I developed the sport of UKAHFT,

Air Arms TX200 MK3 – Andrew Watkins Gun of Choice

I have shot quite a few rifles over this past year, from top quality field target PCPs (£700+) to break barrels with open sights worth less than