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How To Correctly Mount A Scope – Air Arms South Africa

In this video Air Arms South Africa Ambassador, Matt Dubber discusses how a scope should be mounted, and answers a couple very important questions.

Setting Up Your Scope.

Welcome to this guide to setting up and zeroing your telescopic sight. I will start by describing the main parts of the Telescopic sight before

Fitting a Bi-Pod – Vanguard Equalizer 2

A steady, stable shooting platform is a must for taking accurate consistent shots. Fitting a bi-pod will help with this and give you the platform you

Choosing A Moderator

Airguns on the whole are fairly quiet when compared to shotguns and centerfire rifles. But any lessening of the ‘crack’ that comes from

Picking the Right Pellet

There is no easy way to find the right pellet for your air rifle, it’s not as simple as picking a box off the shelf. Finding the right