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Up Close with the Air Arms HFT-500

Ian Harford takes an up close and personal look at the Air Arms HFT-500 rilfe.  

Hunting Feral Pigeons

The feral pigeon ‘Columba livia var’ is descended from the wild rock dove which inhabits both inland and sea cliffs around the Mediterranean. The

Essential Tips for Air Rifle Safety

Plinking and practising with your air rifle is great fun and how most avid airgunners start out, but airgun offences can lead to prosecutions.

Matt Dubbers Guide To Better Air Gun Shooting

10 Tips for better Airgun Hunting Many people are very quick to assume that if they can shoot well off the bench they will be able to hunt well.

Airgun Hunting: Feral Pigeon and Rat Vermin Control

This week Team Wild’s very own Keith Anderson has been called to a farm in Staffordshire which is currently under siege with wave after wave of

Andy Calpin’s Guide to Air Gunning

Air Arms Ambassador and 2014 BFTA Grand Prix overall champion Andy Calpin talks us through his routine before a competition, how he got into Field

Hunting Speckled Pigeon With The Air Arms S510 Xtra

Introducing a brand new series ‘Pigeon Paradise’ from Air Arms Hunting South Africa, featuring Air Arms owner Matt Dubber! Head on over

Long Range Shooting Explained: Mil-Dot Calculations

Long range shooting is an art….A difficult one at that! Most of us when hunting keep our shots well within our boundaries to ensure a good

What is Airgun Field Target?

Have you ever wanted to discover more about Field Target Shooting? Watch the video to find out all the essential information you need to know about

Improving Your Stance

The key to a successful shooting position is a relaxed, balanced and stable platform, allowing a consistent, unimpeded swing. Each shooter’s

Choosing the Right Airgun

Newcomers to airgunning can easily become overwhelmed when trying to choose an air rifle, with so many variations available to buy. To find your way

Picking the Right Pellet

There is no easy way to find the right pellet for your air rifle, it’s not as simple as picking a box off the shelf. Finding the right