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How To – Skin a Rabbit in 9 Easy Steps

So, you’ve gone out and stalked around your local permission and bagged yourself a well earned bunny…What now? That’s the easy bit really. Now you have to get that bunny ready for table and it is sure to make a tasty treat. Rabbit is very lean in fat and very god for you. Similar in texture and taste to chicken, it lends itself to many similar recipes…Rabbit Satay being one of my favourites!

How To – Tasty Squirrel Recipe

This is a classic dish with a twist..It’s basically the famous ‘Coq Au Vin’ but adapted slightly to suit squirrel. The recipe works

How To – Skin A Squirrel In 1 Minute

Skinning squirrels is one of the more unappreciated skills of being a hunter. In all reality, squirrel is a difficult animal to skin and because of

How To – Prepare A Woodpigeon For The Table.

Pigeon is a very under rated meat. Full of flavour and lean in fat making it very healthy as well. Being one of the main stay quarries of the air