What is Hunter Field Target?

It is estimated that 4 million Air Rifles are owned in the UK alone, which shows how fast the sport is growing in a variety of disciplines. This week we look into the sport of Hunter Field Target (HFT) to find out exactly what the discipline entails – is this the sport for you? …  Hunter Field Target, also known as HFT is a popular target shooting sport that combines the air gun disciplines of target shooting with hunting scenarios. This is predominately an outdoor sport, shot with air rifles rated at a maximum of 12ft.lbf. The aim: The aim…

Up Close with the Air Arms HFT-500

Ian Harford takes an up close and personal look at the Air Arms HFT-500 rilfe.  

Ultimate Sporter Review

Air Arms South Africa Ambassador Matt Dubber talks us through why the Ultimate Sporter FAC is his Gun of Choice. The Air Arms Ultimate Sporter is a

Hunting Feral Pigeons

The feral pigeon ‘Columba livia var’ is descended from the wild rock dove which inhabits both inland and sea cliffs around the Mediterranean. The

6 Tips For Better Stalking

Tip 1 : Read The Wind Your scent will carry a long way with a strong wind, so it is essential that you use the wind direction to your advantage

How To Correctly Mount A Scope – Air Arms South Africa

In this video Air Arms South Africa Ambassador, Matt Dubber discusses how a scope should be mounted, and answers a couple very important questions.

Essential Tips for Air Rifle Safety

Plinking and practising with your air rifle is great fun and how most avid airgunners start out, but airgun offences can lead to prosecutions.

Matt Dubbers Guide To Better Air Gun Shooting

10 Tips for better Airgun Hunting Many people are very quick to assume that if they can shoot well off the bench they will be able to hunt well.

Airgun Hunting: Feral Pigeon and Rat Vermin Control

This week Team Wild’s very own Keith Anderson has been called to a farm in Staffordshire which is currently under siege with wave after wave of

Christmas Quarry – Rabbit Stew Recipe!

With christmas just around the corner and the so called ‘weather bomb’ hitting the UK now is the perfect time to make use off all those

Andy Calpin’s Guide to Air Gunning

Air Arms Ambassador and 2014 BFTA Grand Prix overall champion Andy Calpin talks us through his routine before a competition, how he got into Field

Hunting Speckled Pigeon With The Air Arms S510 Xtra

Introducing a brand new series ‘Pigeon Paradise’ from Air Arms Hunting South Africa, featuring Air Arms owner Matt Dubber! Head on over

How To – Skin a Rabbit in 9 Easy Steps

So, you’ve gone out and stalked around your local permission and bagged yourself a well earned bunny…What now? That’s the easy bit

Inaccuracy in Airguns

Inaccuracy – What Causes It? Loose Stock Screws are probably the most common cause of inaccuracy in airguns. Even a quarter turn loose can

Pellet Choice for Hunting?

.177 V .22 There are numerous calibres (or sizes) of pellets made for air rifles, but the majority of hunters will opt for either a .177 or a .22.

Building A Pigeon Hide

Concealment is key. Especially if you are going after the crafty woodpigeon. Here is a video showing a great hide being built from start to finish.

Setting Up Your Scope.

Welcome to this guide to setting up and zeroing your telescopic sight. I will start by describing the main parts of the Telescopic sight before

Fitting a Bi-Pod – Vanguard Equalizer 2

A steady, stable shooting platform is a must for taking accurate consistent shots. Fitting a bi-pod will help with this and give you the platform you

Long Range Shooting Explained: Mil-Dot Calculations

Long range shooting is an art….A difficult one at that! Most of us when hunting keep our shots well within our boundaries to ensure a good

Choosing A Moderator

Airguns on the whole are fairly quiet when compared to shotguns and centerfire rifles. But any lessening of the ‘crack’ that comes from